Make Geometric Modern Jewelry With Balsa Wood

  Have you ever wondered what you could do with balsa wood?  I mean besides kid school projects?  I inherited a stack of the stuff and it has been stowed away for years, waiting for me to be struck with inspiration.  I saw these cool, modern DIY jewelry pieces from Infinity Blend and now I … [Read more...]

How I Cut Wine Bottles for Perfect Rings

[pinit][pinit] I am cutting the heck out of wine and beer bottles these days as I create recycled bottle art.  There are several ways to approach this task.  You can score the bottle with one of the many bottle cutting jigs available, or you can go the tile saw route.  Today I am going to show you … [Read more...]

Sea Glass Jewelry; How to Drill Holes in Sea Glass

[pinit][pinit] I have been playing with sea glass that I bought in Florida a couple of years back, and I finally had some success with drilling holes for jewelry.  I had to break several pieces with my Dremel before getting the hang of it.  You don't have to have a drill press to do this.  I … [Read more...]

Beginner’s Glass Fusing ; Recycled Glass Dichroic Earrings

[pinit] [pinit] I have had a microwave kiln kit by Fuseworks for at least a year, and have finally gotten around to experimenting with glass fusing for the first time.  This pair of earrings showcase the very first attempt using the kiln!  I love them.  For so many reasons, I love them.  First, … [Read more...]

DIY 5 Minute Button Ring

[pinit][pinit] This may be the easiest project I have ever done or shared!  Make an adorable button ring in 5 minutes.  What a great way to use the gorgeous buttons available in thrift stores and flea markets.  If you can use glue, you can do this. SUPPLIES: Vintage Buttons - I used three … [Read more...]

Make a Button Bracelet

[pinit][pinit]   I found some beautiful wooden buttons in the scrapbook supplies at Joann's recently and knew I wanted to make a bracelet using them.  This project is super quick and easy.  If you can open jump rings with pliers and use glue, you are well on your way to a cool piece of … [Read more...]

Recycled Crafts and Decor Project Gallery from SBLC

[pinit][pinit] We have been busy gathering all of SBLC's recycled craft projects and roundups into on spot!  Now you have a go to destination for inspiration on crafting with junk.  Feel good about yourself as you make beauty while helping to clear the landfills.  Just click the thumbnail above or … [Read more...]

DIY Jewelry Display from Repurposed Vintage Grater

[pinit][pinit] I am always on the look out for interesting jewelry display ideas.  While out junking with the ladies, I spied this cheese grater, all rusty like I like it.  Immediately "earring holder" came to mind.  Not because I am a creative genius, but because in my Pinterest browsing I have … [Read more...]

Repurposed Cart to DIY Jewelry Storage

[pinit][pinit] There are tons of cool ways to make your own jewelry holders using the most random of objects.  I shared a roundup with you not long ago - 50+ DIY Jewelry Display Ideas - with some of my favorite ways to store your bling.  Today I am excited to share my jewelry storage solution using … [Read more...]

DIY Recycled Can & Plastic Bag Flower Pendant

[pinit]  [pinit] Recycled crafts are a favorite of mine, especially upcycled jewelry.  Today's project brings these together in flower pendant made from recycled aluminum cans and plastic bags.  It's true.  I used a combination of techniques I have shown you in the past; dissecting aluminum cans … [Read more...]