Ice Resin Bezel Pendant Tutorial

Making Jewelry With ICE Resin and Susan Lenart Kazmer Iced Enamels @savedbyloves

I have shared several resin tutorials with you, trying out the various types available.  ICE resin is quickly becoming my favorite.  It is easy to use, and hardens to a strong, clear, glass-like finish.  Today’s project is a fun bezel resin pendant using Susan Lenart Kazmer’s papers, Iced Enamels and ICE Resin.  You can find everything I used for this piece at your local Hobby Lobby.

Resin Jewelry Tutorial


Iced Enamels:  Shattered Fire Opal

ICE Resin

Spellbinders Bezel

Tim Holtz Word Stickers






Popsicle stick and cup for mixing resin

Sealant such as Mod Podge or Embossing medium


How to make a Bezel Pendant

Place your bezel over the part of the image you want and trace with permanent marker.

ICE Resin Tutorial

Place word stickers where you want.

Susan Lenart Kazmer Iced Enamels

Seal image and word stickers with embossing medium or Mod Podge and dry with heat tool.  This protects the image from the resin, which can darken it if not sealed.

Iced Enamels Shattered Fire Opal

Sprinkle in Shattered Fire Opal Iced Enamels, or glitter or other mica powder.  Anything sparkly will do!

ICE Resin Projects

 Drip resin into bezel using popsicle stick until it domes.  Be careful not to overfill!

How to Make a Resin Pendant

Let dry 6-12 hours, attach chain and charm.  Enjoy your awesome, custom resin jewelry.

Resin Pendant Jewelry Tutorial

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