Wire Wrap a Pendant With Video

how to wire wrapTo continue with our recent jewelry making obsession, today’s post will cover this gorgeous wire wrapping technique.   You do not need wire wrapping experience to be able to pull this off.  The example shown here is a rectangular glass tile, but you can apply the lesson to virtually any pendant or stone you want to set.

wire wrapping


  • Pendant for setting
  • Beadalon square wire
  • Beadalon half round wire
  • Beadalon 22 gauge round wire
  • Flush cutter

NOTE:  The video from BeadsDirectTV uses half round and square for the technique.  I only had round wire, which is what I used, and it worked great.  Something to keep in mind if you need to work with what you have.  Mine was 22 guage round;  Beadalon 22 gauge round wire

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