Polymer Clay Day 72: "Love Today" Pendant

Designs on both sides… fancy, I know. I have never used this type of frame. Picked it up at Michaels for 1.29. Made a sheet of clay to fit and stamped with black solvent ink. EASY.
Had a beautiful day hanging out with my grandparents. We listened to an Andy Stanley podcast. If you want some relevant to your life, entertaining yet poignant messages on spirituality and Christ’s love, check him out. His podcasts are free, and they truly enhance my life and bring peace. I have listened to several of the various sermons over the past 2 weeks during my morning runs, and feel renewed. You don’t have to be a Christian to benefit from his talks, as he gives practical applications to better your life wether or not you think the Bible is true. Check him out here.
Be love…
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