Polymer Clay Day #56; Circle Triangle Pendant Using Cool Stamp Technique

I am thrilled to have found triangle cookie cutters on Ebay. Every craft store I searched had every shape except triangles. This is a big deal for someone like myself, who cherishes the Alcoholics Anonymous circle triangle symbol, which you see in many of my pendants. They came in the mail today, along with a deeply etched rubber stamp, needed for what I wanted to do with the triangle. I used the technique detailed in this awesome tutorial by Ponsawan Sila, a clay artist I refer to often, cause she rocks. Here is the tutorial. While I just used the technique on the triangle, she makes a really awesome pendant. It is definitely worth checking out, and is on my to do list.
20 mile run in a heat advisory today. I know better. Tomorrow when I emerge from my coma, I will write about the experience on my running/sober blog, here.
More tutorials on clay coming. Time to share what I am learning. If there is anything in particular you would like to see a step by step on, speak up. Blessings…
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