Make an Upcycled Plastic Bag Bracelet

Make an #upcycled plastic bag bracelet @savedbyloves #recycledcrafts


Today’s project is a fun plastic bag upcycled bracelet!  Fusing plastic bags creates a fabric that can be stitched, die cut, painted and embossed for some cool effects.  The possibilities are endless.  Keep your eyes peeled for brightly colored shopping bags and start hoarding!


Plastic Bags

Copy paper


Ironing board

Chain Bracelet

Jump rings

Jewelry Hole Punch

2 pairs of chain nose pliers



Turn iron onto Setting 4

To create the “fabric”  cut the handles from the bags and cut rectangular sheets smaller than your copy paper.  Layer 5-10 sheets and sandwich between the 2 sheets of copy paper

Iron 30 seconds (continuously moving iron to avoid melting plastic), flip sandwich over and iron other side for 30 sec.  Let cool 15 sec and check.  If plastic is not completely fused into one sheet (air bubbles and crackle sounds), repeat ironing and check again.

Die cut or hand cut small ovals and squares.  Hole punch and attach to bracelet chain with jump ring.  Alternate ovals and squares.


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