Halloween Paper Ornament Tree

#Halloween #DIY Tree and paper sphere ornaments @savedbyloves


Grab a limb from your back yard and you are on your way to creating this fun Halloween tree with paper ornaments.  This project is super easy, cheap and cute. It came about as I was trying to think of a way to use up my Halloween patterned scrapbook paper.

I was going to make them into paper pumpkins, then decided they would cute as ornaments.  Here is how to make your own.



Black spray paint

Bottle or other vase


Circle punch or dies in various sizes

glue stick

Craft wire (20 or 22 gauge)

Wire cutters, flat nose and round nose pliers



Spray paint branch and set aside to dry.  Once dry, place in bottle or planter, with pebbles or other filler to steady and hold branch in place.

Make the ornaments like I showed you in this paper sphere garland tutorial.  Instead of stringing them as garland, string them each on their own wire, with a bead at the top and bottom as shown in the image.

#Halloween #DIY Tree and paper sphere ornaments @savedbyloves

#Halloween #DIY Tree and paper sphere ornaments @savedbyloves

Hang your ornaments on your tree and that is it!  I think I will just keep this tree around and change it’s decor to go with the seasons.  If you want to see more crafting with nature supplies, there is a 50+ for that.  Click the thumbnail below:

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