Domino Before and After; Unity Pendant

I am all about altered art jewelry these days. My brain is a cloud right now, so bear with me. You know when you have 10 projects in your head all at once, and you are so excited, but nothing really goes as planned? Then you end up with something you hadn’t imagined whatsoever, which is sometimes amazingly beautiful and you are thrilled… that was not my experience tonight, but i photographed and am sharing despite my dissatisfaction. That is some progress for me. I am so very far from perfect, a fact I used to frantically and desperately try to hide. Today it is o.k. that I am me. Nothing I make, wear, accomplish, no weight, no hairstyle, no male on my arm matters to God. All He wants is for me to turn to Him for satisfaction. Not because He is egotistical, but because He knows he made me to run on Him, and He truly wants me to be happy.

I have been getting all heavy on you lately. Just where I am, I guess. I am still goofy, and I snort when I laugh really hard, just not typing about that at the moment. Good night, beautiful bloggers…

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