Polymer Clay Day #43: Water Slide Transfer Beads!

I usually post finished jewelry as opposed to just polymer clay beads, but I was too excited about these to wait for the finish to dry. I love things that rock out and are easy to make, like these. All I did was put a Lisa Pavelka water slide transfer on white clay, cut to desired size, then baked. The transfers come in many different designs and couldn’t be easier to use. There is even blank transfer paper to print your own designs on, which I have yet to try. It is not carried in any of the local craft stores near me, but you can order it (any lotsa other awesomeness) from her online shop, here. I get no kickbacks or freebies for posting this, I just love it and want to share. Gonna order me some of those blankies. Combining my graphic design with polymer clay… it is almost too much craft bliss.

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