Polymer Clay Day #44: Various Circle Triangle Zebra Print Pendants

Love love love Sundays. Today the sermon addressed the common stereotype that Christians are judgmental, and how that drives hoards of people away from church, away from Christ. The take home message was that judgement is necessary in life, but there is a way to go about it with love. And if we aren’t coming from a place of love in our judgements, we are probably best to just keep quiet. Like if someone I love is in an addiction, I would ideally approach them with an awareness of and openness about my own shortcomings as opposed to coming at them from a place of self righteousness and superiority. The summary take home sentence was “I want to be handled gently, and I am not perfect.” So, I will meditate on that and keep it as my filter to the best of my ability this week – until I go back next Sunday, and Danny gives another sermon that hits home with a new sentence.

Nothing to do with clay, I know. Guess I had to get that out. More zebra print work. I like the first and third pics with the pink triangle and it’s subtle chinese character imprint on the pink. I also like the smaller black and aqua triangle in that the triangle is flush with the circle, and kindy wavy trippy.
I must say, I am so excited about a new clay thingy I tried today. I took plenty of pics during the process, and am going to take a crack at posting a step by step tutorial tomorrow. See you then…

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