Making Jewelry With Rub-on Transfers

How to make Glass Tile Pendants

It was a jewelry making weekend for this crafter, glass tile pendants and altered dominoes stealing the show.  Normally, I design images for my pendants and just adhere them as they are.  That all changed when I thought to incorporate the rub on transfers I picked up at Hobby Lobby recently.  I have used these things before, but in papercrafting, never jewelry.  The inspiration hit me because these particular images packs (by Prima) are irresistibly gorgeous , and just the right size for pendants.

Rub-on transfers in jewelry

Adding them to my pendant images was super easy.  Since the sheet they come on is transparent, I was able to move scroll over my printed pendant images to see what the transfer would look like before committing.  Once I decided what transfer I wanted where, I just cut it out and burnished it on as instructed.  I love the effect it gave my pieces.  Super easy, and 1.99 (originally 3.99) a pack at Hobby Lobby right now.

altered domino jewelry

This piece is a domino pendant that I did in layers, with the rub-on green butterfly as the top layer just under the resin.  I started by painting the domino with a coat of gesso.  Once dried, I mixed acrylic paints to get the soft blue/green background color and painted it on using a soft brush.  When that layer dried, I stamped with clear embossing ink using an handwriting script stamp.  I embossed the script using white embossing powder, rubbed on the butterfly transfer and coated with resin to finish.

Altered domino tutorial

I think the layer effect pops more with these rub-on transfers then when I layer in photoshop, and I get images I wouldn’t have come up with on my own digitally.

altered domino jewelryHere is another domino I did with vibrant pink leaves and a bird in a cage rub-on transfers.

resin jewelryThis bezel pendant uses the same background image (fearless) with a flower and butterfly transfer.

images for glass tile pendantsHere is a side by side comparison:  a pendant with the image I designed, printed and adhered, and another pendant with the same printed image, embellished with a red butterfly transfer.  I love how it refreshes my designs and how fun it is to layer with these.  I will be keeping my eyes peeled for jewelry sized rub-ons!


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