Polymer Clay Pendants {Inspired}

Polymer Clay Pendants

A recent beach vacation left me inspired to break out the polymer clay again, after a

long hiatus!  It happened when I walked upon a vendor on the pier, with beautiful

handmade polymer clay pendants, unlike any I had seen.  I asked her what

she used to color her pieces so vibrantly… acrylic paint!  Who knew?

I had actually never done that.  It is so obvious.  I have used mica

powders, pigment inks, copic markers, chalk… pretty much everything but

good ol’ acrylic paint.  The artist recommended

using toothpicks to apply the paint, so I came home and

gave it a shot…

All I did for these was condition white clay into a sheet, stamp on it, cut out

into various shapes with craft knife, then bake.  I painted them

after they cured.  For some of the lettering I ended up using

PITT artist pens.

Polymer Clay Pendants

These were fun and simple to make.  Etching in raw clay makes the artist in me all smiles.

Try it.  You will love it!

Polymer Clay Pendant Tutorial

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