Flat Peyote Stitch Bracelets With Instructions

The purple bracelet is the first one I ever made.  This is such an easy stitch to learn.  Both projects are done using size 6 e beads.  The purple one is strung on fireline and the multicolored on Nymo beading thread.  It is done with a 2 drop peyote technique, whereas the purple is regular even count peyote stitch.
Instructions for both:

I used bigger beads than those shown in these videos, cause I am a newbie at this, and they are easier to see.  I also must say that I prefer the fireline over the nymo.  It gives more hold and tension, so the beads stayed where they were put.  I like that.  For clasp on both bracelets, I used a button on one side with a seed bead loop on the other to fasten.  There are lots of other options for finishing your bracelet.  I found this cool article with 4 finishing techniques, at Beading Daily (LOOOVE this site).

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