100 Mason Jar Projects to Make

Mason Jar Craft Roundup @savedbyloves
The creative mason jar projects keep rolling in, so we have updated our orignal round-up of jar crafts to include our new favorites. Enjoy!!


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DIY Easy Jack O Lantern Tshirt

How to Make a Pumpkin Halloween DIY Tshirt with @savedbyloves

I had the chance to review the Silhouette Portrait, and am excited to share with you this pumpkin face shirt I made for Halloween.  This project was super easy with the Silhouette Heat Transfer Material and a design I downloaded from Silhouette Studio.

Silhouette Heat Transfer Material

I love that I didn’t have to use a mat with the heat transfer material!  The same is true for the vinyl.  When I used a mat with Cricut and vinyl, I had issues with the backing of the vinyl sticking to the mat, plus that is one less use of the mat, which is not cheap to replace!

I also love that the Silhouette Studio software tells me what setting the blade should be on based on the material I am cutting!  The process was very user friendly.  I watched the short instructional video that came with the machine, and was wearing my new shirt within 30 minutes!

Silhouette Cutting Machine Project

The image download was $0.75, which was covered by the $10 credit that came with the machine.  Most images are $0.99.  It is nice that you can pick individual images that you want to use, as opposed to buying a cartridge for one image and paying for tons that you will never use.

Keep in mind when using the transfer material, you will cut out the image in reverse since you will flip it over to iron it onto the receiving surface.  It didn’t make a difference for the jack-o-lantern face I used, but if you use text, it will matter!

DIY Halloween Tshirt with Silhouette @savedbyloves

After cutting out the image and removing the negative space material, I just placed a rag over the transfer and ironed it onto the shirt for 60 seconds, removed the backing and presto!

I love this machine!  I picked up the markers that can be used in place of the blade and will be sharing more projects very soon.

*Dislclaimer: I received product for this review.  All opinions are honest and mine!

50+ DIY Home Decor Projects to Make with a Jigsaw

50 Plus Best DIY Home Decor Projects to Make With a Jigsaw @savedbyloves

The jigsaw is a super versatile tool, and a great place to start the power tool journey. It is handheld, can be fairly inexpensive (like this Corded : Skil Saw. Variable Speed 4290-02), and cuts shapes in a variety of materials, with the appropriate blade.  I did a number of projects with a the above linked Skil Saw I scored at a garage sale for, and only recently splurged on a new one because of a gift card I received. The new one is fancy pants and cordless, but it doesn’t do anything the bare bones version can’t.  You can build the same projects with a basic jigsaw and a little practice.  That is great news, since as you will see below, you can make some seriously stylish and functional pieces for your home with this tool.  Enjoy!

DIY Scrap Wood Halloween Pumpkins

How to make scrap wood pumpkins with @savedbylovesThese three pumpkins were made entirely with materials I had on hand, which is always a plus! With my huge pile of wood pieces from previous building projects, I am pretty excited when I can use up some of the leftovers. I used my table saw to rip scrap 2×4 into what are essentially wood shims.  You can do that, or use purchased wood shims or paint stirrers. Let’s go make some free pumpkins!


Plywood (i used 1/4 inch since that is what we had on hand, but you can use thicker)

2×4 scrap pieces and table saw or pre made wood shims or paint stirrers

Wood glue or construction adhesive


Jig saw

Ryobi Air Strike Cordless nailer

5/8 inch brads


Plywood Pumpkins

Use a sharpie to draw pumpkin shapes on your plywood.  I made three of varying heights and widths.  You can print templates and transfer your design to the wood with transfer paper too.  I just wanted rustic looking pumpkins so I went free hand.

Use table saw to rip wood

To make the wood shims, I set the table saw guide to the thickness I wanted using a shim from another project.

How to make wood shims

Then I just cut my 2×4 scraps using that guide setting.

Scrap Wood ProjectsI cut out my pumpkin shapes from the plywood using my jig saw.

Adhere wood to pumpkin with construction adhesive

I placed each pumpkin on top of side by side wood shims and glued them into place with construction adhesive.

Secure wood shims with air nailer

For added strength, I nailed each shim in two places with my cordless nailer and 5/8 inch brad nails.

Let glue dry overnight

I added weight to my pumpkins and let the glue dry overnight.

Cut with jig saw

Once dry, I cut the excess wood shims off, using the plywood pumpkin as my jig saw guide.

Hot glue twigs for stems

To finish, I hot glued twigs to the back of the pumpkin for the stem!

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Over 50 Creative Scrap Wood Projects to Make


Over 50 creative uses for your scrap wood #diy #woodworking @savedbyloves[pinit]

I was pondering what to do with the ever growing pile of scrap wood in my work room, when it occurred to me that you might have the same quandary.  I started searching and was amazed to find everything from toys, to storage to jewelry to home decor and more.  Lots of cool wall art and holiday decor projects are waiting for you and your scraps.  Get going!

DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Door Bats & $100 Giveaway

[pinit]Printable Bats[pinit]

As you may know, Dollar Tree is one of my favorite places to go for creative project supplies.  I love wandering through the aisles letting my imagination run wild with ideas.  Just recently, I discovered Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club, which is packed with crafts, recipes, décor, tips, contests, insider information, frugal fun ideas, and other awesomeness.   You can join too, for free, and get a chance to win a $20 Dollar Tree gift card!   You will never run out of seasonal inspiration, as the creative content changes each month.  Just pick out a project, print the project sheet or save it to your phone, and then use it as your shopping list in the store!  Today I am sharing how I created this bat door using Dollar Tree supplies and a bat template I found while browsing the fun Halloween projects.  It is super simple and it cost just $3.

***I received compensation for this post.  All opinions are mine and honest!


Dollar Tree Craft Halloween

You can use Dollar Tree black poster board, construction paper or foam sheets for your bats; For the number of bats I made, I used 2 sheets of poster board

Scissors or Die cut machine with software you can use to cut imported images

Bat Template Available at Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club

Printer unless you are using die cut machine

Clear tape



Dollar Tree Crafts

Download and print the bat template from Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club “Front Door Bat Printable” project, or download and open in your die cut machine’s software.  I used Sure Cuts A Lot (which I don’t think is available anymore) and my Cricut machine.

DIY Dollar Store Bat Silhouettes

If not using die cut machine, cut out the bats on the free template with scissors,tape to your black poster board and cut around them to create your bats.

How to Decorate for Halloween

Tape your bats to the door and enjoy!

I love the look and the simplicity of this project.  Join Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club for it, and tons more inspiration!

$100 Dollar Tree gift card giveaway

Want to win $100 from Dollar Tree?  Sign up for Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club and leave me a comment below this post telling me which project you want to try if you win!  Good luck.

Here are some other great projects inspired by Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club:


Best DIY #Halloween Projects to Make

[pinit]Best Halloween DIY Decor Projects @savedbyloves[pinit]

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays for decorating.  What’s not to love… orange and black, painted pumpkins, ravens, spiders, bats and all things fall?!  Here are some of our favorite Halloween projects shared and featured at SBLC.  What are some of your favorites?

Cutest DIY Pumpkin Decor

[pinit]diy pumpkin fall decor by Simply Kierste[pinit]

Why are pumpkins so cute?  Fall is my favorite time of year for so many things… running, fashion and – most of all – decorating.  You combine pumpkins with a project that utilizes scrap wood and twigs to create adorable, stripy, polka-dot decor that also happens to be my favorite color and… well… you are probably going to end up featured on my blog.  That is the case with this 4×4 striped and polka dot pumpkin DIY from Simply Kierste.  Do you not want to reach through your screen and scoop these up for your mantel?

Check out our other DIY fall decor ideas!


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Make a Cute Crochet Pumpkin


Fall makes me in the mood to crochet and knit, and that remains until the spring.  I am always on the lookout for unique decor to whip up from my gigantic yarn stash.  That is how I came across this precious crochet pumpkin pattern from The Chilly Dog.  Get your hook and make your own fall home decor in no time at all!

Recycled Tin Can Halloween Treat Holders

[pinit]Mummy Recycle Can Candy Holder Craft[pinit]


If you need a Halloween party favor that is easy to make and eco-friendly, this recycled mummy can craft from HGTV is just the project.  What a cute use of what would become trash.  All you need are a few supplies and not much time!

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