Polymer Clay Day #36: Mushroom Pendants

This is a gift for my rockin’ nephew Taylor, whose high school graduation open house was today. I can’t quite get down with the fact that he is an adult just yet. I fed him his first bottle at the hospital and lived with him for his first couple of years. One of the most beautiful people I know, that boy.

Back to clay – this is the first time I have used clay to make the hanging mechanism for a pendant (see the blue mushroom?). I got the idea from this tutorial by Ponsawan Sila. She has amazing FREE poly clay tutorials that are so very cool. The beige pendant above (with the jump ring) was my initial attempt at the built in hanger. It took awhile to create, as I tend to be annoyingly perfectionistic. I took it out of the oven and let it cool while going for a morning run. I returned, anxious to sand and buff my new piece, only to find the pendant minus its lil’ appendage. Turns out my husband was absentmindedly fumbling it around in his hand while engrossed in a work phone call and… yep, he broke it. I was able to poke a hole in it for a jump ring, so all is not lost. I will be more careful about where I place my mushrooms next time 🙂
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