Polymer Clay Day #47: Swirly Whirl Rope Bordered Pendant

More Lisa Pavelka texture stamps. And her border mold, now that I think of it. I am pretty wordless today. Had my stepson and his girlfriend over last night for a delightful evening that ended with a marshmallow shake. Yum. Got up this early in an attempt to beat the heat for today’s 7 miler. Just spent some time trying new things in the craft room. You will see the outcome of that soon! If you want to know more about my marathon training in progress, check out my other blog, here. Almost to the halfway point in my 100 days of polymer clay. I am addicted now, which is common with anything I do more than twice. That is covered in my other blog too.
Almost to 200 followers as well. Giveaway in the near future? I think so…
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