Eggshell Mosaic Domino Pendants

Eggshell Mosaic Domino Pendant

How cool is it to make a wearable piece of art from eggshells and domino game pieces?!  I ran into an eggshell mosaic bracelet tutorial while stumbling in Stumble Upon and have been saving eggshells ever since (By that, I mean I commissioned my grandmother to save eggshells for me, since we just never eat the suckers.  What would I do without her.  She folds magazine pages into strips for me, for crying out loud…).  Ok, I am back.  This project is easy and quick.  Come see my take on eggshell mosaic jewelry.


*Eggshells (soak them overnight and remove the membrane from the interior, then let dry before use)
*Glossy Accents or adhesive of your choice
*Substrate for the eggshell mosaic. I used domino
pieces. Any flat bead would work, like polymer clay or wood. Needs to be a light shade, and a surface that accepts alcohol inks for this method. In the tutorial that inspired this project, resin jewelry blanks were used.
*Alcohol inks


*Apply glossy accents or other clear drying adhesive to pendant blank (domino or other)

Eggshell Mosaic Tutorial

Eggshell Mosaic Pendant Tutorial

*Place  small piece of eggshell on  top of glue and press with fingertip to crack into pieces.  Move Pieces around to your liking with tip of your fingernail or tweezers.

Eggshell Mosaic Tutorial

*Once eggshell is all in place, let dry completely.  I used my heat tool to speed this along.  In the bracelet tutorial, she recommended leaving to dry overnight.  No way.  Couldn’t do it.  I dried with heat tool and 10 minutes later moved on to the next step…

*Break off any eggshell sticking out over the edge of your pendant surface and apply alcohol ink straight from dropper to surface top.  More alcohol ink = more saturated finished project.  Let the top dry and apply alcohol ink to sides with felt applicator.  You can apply to back surface as well.  I didn’t.

Eggshell Mosaic Domino Pendant Tutorial

Eggshell Mosaic Jewelry Tutorial

*I applied glossy accents to the top surface for glass like finish.  You could also use Judkins diamond glaze,  dimensional magic by Plaid, resin, or glaze.

Eggshell Mosaic Tutorial

*Let dry  for several hours and glue on pendant back or drill hole for jump ring.  I used E6000 to glue on pendant bail on one, and dremel to drill hole for jump ring on the other.

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