DIY Cabochon Flower Hairpins: Easiest Project I’ve Ever Done


adorable, easy DIY flower hairpins @savedbyloves[pinit]

I gotta tell you that I don’t think I will ever outgrow flower cabochon hairpins!  I love them to itty bitty pieces.  Do I look silly?  Maybe.  Will that stop me from sporting them.  Nope.  If you aren’t into them cause you think you are too old, you’ll still love this project for the little ones.  Learn how to make these precious pins in just one step!


adorable, easy DIY flower hairpins @savedbyloves

Resin flowers from ( I got mine from Pick Your Plum)

Hairpin blanks

E6000 Glue


adorable, easy DIY flower hairpins @savedbyloves

Ready?  Place a dab of E6000 on the back of a flower and place on hairpin blank.  Ta-dah!

I told you it was the easiest project on the planet.

adorable, easy DIY flower hairpins @savedbyloves

I showed you a similar project in the past.  Remember my Anthropologie hairpin knockoffs?

Anthropologie Hairpin Knock off


These would make great Mother’s Day, birthday or bridesmaid gifts.  Fun for a slumber party craft for the girls too, don’t you think?

What are some of your favorite quick crafts?

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