Make an Easy Bracelet From Vintage Buttons

Make a Button Bracelet #jewelrymaking @savedbyloves

I came across a jar of vintage buttons at a flea market last week (while on vacation, because who takes a vacation from scavenging for junk) and remembered this DIY Button Bracelet  from  It seemed like the perfect, quick project to get my creative fix without interrupting quality time with honey.  Making these bracelets is the easy, fast and gratifying.  Start hoarding your favorite buttons right now, and grab some 1mm cord.  Customize for outfits or holidays, like the red, white and blue one for July Fourth.  Hope Studios will show you the detailed how to.

DIY Button Bracelet Tutorial

How to make a bracelet from old buttons #buttoncrafts

This one I made for a more neutral, beachy feel, and pretty much wore it every day.  Three bracelets took 30 minutes, not even long enough for my husband to give me the “Are you seriously crafting right now… right here?” – look.

Make Easy Button Bracelets #jewelrymaking @savedbyloves4


Love buttons but not bracelets made from them?  No Problem.

Here are 50+ ways to Create using BUTTONS!

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