Sizzix Die Cut Can Bracelet

Aluminum Can JewelryThe research put into my recent 60+ Recycled Can Craft Roundup left me collecting all the pretty cans I could find.  Here, I used the well known Arizona Tea can for the flower shape and a garage sale tin for the pink circle.  Making jewelry with Sizzix is so fun.  I am completely obsesses.  No material is safe from being die cut around me. These pieces cost next to nothing, so keep your eyes peeled for interesting cans and old tins while you are out thrifting.

Here is how I cut my shapes:

Die cut jewelry

I used the same process for the arizona tea can, and a layered flower Sizzix die.  Then I marked the center of each of the 3 layers (silver retangular blank, Arizona can flower and pink tin) with a black sharpie, to know where to punch a hole for my rivet.  Using a nail and hammer on a piece of scrap board, I hammered a hole in each piece where the mark was.  No pics of this, but I will get some shots of the process next time. 

I riveted the pieces together and glued on the pink pearl embellishment using E6000. 

I hole punched the bracelet with my crop-a-dile at each end to add the chain for the bracelet.  That is that.  Upcycled aluminum can jewelry

Recycled can jewelry

I am excited about this book I just ordered on Amazon; Create Colorful Aluminum Jewelry.  Looks like I am not the only one obsessed with this concept!

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