Stamped Polymer Clay Word Pendant

Stamped Polymer Clay Pendant

Today, I thought I would share with you another stamped polymer clay pendant.  I recently signed up with Cindy Lietz’s polymer clay library, and was reminded about how fun it is to make bezel pendants with clay.  The Polymer Clay Tutor video on stamped bezels inspired me to dive into these word pendants. If you are interested in developing your polymer clay skills, I cannot stress enough how wonderful, and under-priced, Cindy’s membership videos are.  I am not being compensated in anyway for saying so, I am just that excited about the tips, tricks and inspiration jam packed into each video I have watched so far.  Seriously, she is a fantastic teacher!!

Back to the pendants, I love how simple they are to create, and how each one comes out a little differently.

For this particular piece, I used the bezel from a pendant I scored for cents at a garage sale.  I took a hammer to it and rid it of its glass covered image so I was left with just the bezel.

Polymer Clay Word Pendant

Since the bezel was antiqued silver, I wanted to give the pendant an antique feel.  I mixed scrap clay to get the aqua you see in the final piece.  With my fingers, I mashed the clay into the bezel, and smoothed it out into its cabochon shape.  Once I was happy with the shape, I used metal stamps for the word “JOY”, and a clear cling butterfly stamp for the butterfly.  I used a stylus to add a little more texture randomly, then baked for 45 min at 275°.


  • Remove fingerprints in raw clay before baking by smoothing armor-all lightly over the area until prints are gone
  • Spritz stamp with armor-all or water before pressing into clay to prevent it from sticking

To finish, I used a mixture of glaze and black acrylic paint; painted the entire piece, then wiped away the glaze/paint mixture, leaving the black in the depressed areas.  When this dried, I sealed with 2 coats of sculpey satin glaze.  I love this stuff.  It is easy to apply, dries to a lovely finish, and is inexpensive.

Polymer Clay Pendant Tutorial

What do you think?  Don’t worry, I am still on my Sizzix kick.  Stay tuned!!

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