Easy 10 Minute Chain Bracelet Tutorial

Make Easy Chain Bracelets in 10 minutes #jewelrymaking @savedbyloves

These trendy mixed metal chain bracelets are a cinch to make, and are a great way to use up those links left over from other jewelry projects.  Mix and match as you please.  Scoop up costume jewelry and vintage pieces to dismantle and incorporate into your own custom, stylish bracelet.  Make some for yourself and give them as gifts.  Embellish with charms and fibers for unlimited design options!  I will show you how.

DIY Bracelet Tutorial


Jewelry Making Supplies


2 pairs of jewelry pliers, flat or needle nose

Several lengths of chain about an inch shorter than you want your final bracelet to be

2 8-10mm jumprings and a length of chain to make bracelet adjustable


Opening and closing jump rings

Open jump ring with both pairs of pliers and add one end of each chain to the jump ring.  Add clasp then close jump ring with both pairs of pliers.  Pic above shows jump ring still open.

DIY Mixed Metal Braclets

Repeat on the other end with the 2nd jump ring, attaching a 1.5 inch length of chain for the adjustable length connector.  That is what the clasp will grab when fastening the bracelet.

Use jump rings to attach charms.  Tie coordinating fiber scraps to large jump ring where all the chains meet.

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