Polymer Clay and Resin Pendant Tips

I ran out of glass tiles and wanted to make some pendants, so I decided to use polymer clay as the base, and dome some 2 part epoxy resin over the images for a glass like effect.  Some tips:
Condition the clay (I used black for some pendants and gold for others) and roll it through the pasta machine on setting 4.  Take a one inch square hole punch and carefully (avoid indenting the clay surface) slide the clay in, punching out your graphic image base.  I punched out my one inch images with the same hole punch.   Punch out your papers first, as the clay will leave residue on your hole punch, which will get on your paper.
You can spray armor all on the hole punch so the clay releases easier.
With a paint brush, cover the image front and back with translucent liquid sculpey.  This will serve 2 purposes:  1.  It will adhere the image to the clay.  2.  It will seal the image, which is important when you are adding the resin later.  After baking, you can buff and use the pendant as is, or you can dome resin on the top.  I used envirotex lite for this.  I learned a couple of things about resin this time around:  our basement flooded with all of this rain, so I was running a dehumidifier in my studio.  That, combined with turning on a space heater, really got rid of the air bubble problem I so often have with resin.  It really is as temperature sensitive as the instructions claim.  Who knew?!  My resin has never looked so great.
To attach the pendant, I drilled a hole after the resin cured for 3 days, using my dremel.  Then just place a jump ring and attach to necklace of your choice.  I love how these turned out.

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