DIY Chain Maille Bracelets


Recently I had Irina from Irina’s Cute Box here to share with you her gorgeous chain maille pearl bracelet tutorial.  My sister fell in love with it, so when we had a night together this weekend, we knew it was time to give this project a go.  They were super easy, and worked up fast.  We are both addicted, and we love our new bracelets.  I have a few designs in mind with some beads other than pearls, and sis wants to make one with glass beads next.

Chain Maille #Bracelet Tutorial at @savedbyloves

Irina’s tutorial linked above is super easy to follow.  I want to share with you a few tips I learned in the process of creating these beautiful bracelets.


I used a 6mm pearls with 9mm jump rings and 8mm pearls with 11mm jump rings

Jewelry pliers


This handy dandy jeweler’s jump ring tool for easy opening and closing of jump rings:

I love this thing because you can put it on your finger and still have both hands available for the jewelry work, unlike using pliers to open and close the jump rings.  Well worth the $3.


Chain Maille #Bracelet Tutorial at @savedbyloves

For more detailed description, see original chain maille bracelet tutorial post.  After your first “Nest”, make sure you add a jump ring at the bottom to keep the first pearl from popping out (shown in bottom picture).  I ended up adding 2 jump rings there since my beads were smaller in comparison to the jump rings than Irina’s.  Even with one, the bottom one popped out of its box.

Here is a variation using copper split rings and black glass beads:

The possibilities are endless.  Your imagination will go wild when you get into this project.  These would make great Christmas gifts.  They are stunning, inexpensive, simple and quick!

Chain Maille #Bracelet Tutorial at @savedbyloves

Chain Maille #Bracelet Tutorial at @savedbyloves

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