Meet SBLC’s Newest Sponsor; Photo Jewelry Making Dot Com

I am thrilled to introduce my newest sponsor,  There are so many supplies for DIY photo jewelry here, and the prices are very competitive.  I just did a craft show this weekend, and am in touch with the expense of materials, so this site is a welcome addition to my sources.

I love that this is a family owned and operated business, and that it is based in my neighbor to the north, Michigan.  Some of my favorite products…

1.  CD of cool vintage images for pendants, scrapbooking, and other mixed media art;

$7.19 for over 100 High Res Vintage Images

2.  Antique copper plated pendant square;  This would be adorable with one of the images on the above CD!

3.  Resin dome stickers for bottle caps and other 1 inch round pendant settings;
30 for $17.99

These are very appealing to me since I just made a billion bottle cap pendants for the weekend show.  I have used these before instead of the 2 part epoxy resin.  Talk about WAY easier, and they look great.  You can buy one for $1.34, so this 30 pack is a great idea if you are making a lot.  They also have these square ones for their square pendant settings, like the antique copper one above.  

Even though it is cheaper to do the resin yourself, these aren’t very expensive if you go the bulk route, and the time (for air bubble removal, set up, clean up) saved would make it worth the cost.  I am ordering these for the July show.  
4.  I also find this “DIY photo bubble sticker” kit intriguing.  I could just do my designs in photoshop and print them from home, with the “dome resin” and adhesive built in.  The price ends up being just over $1 per custom dome sticker.  Worth it, if it does what it claims.  I am going to order it.  I will let you know what I think of it when I get a chance to use it;
These are just a few of the items I am drooling over.  Go check out their extensive supply and reasonable pricing.  
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