How to Make a Gorgeous Fall Wreath

DIY Fall Decor

It has been way too long since I made and shared a DIY wreath project with you all. That is why I am a super stoked about today’s simple, cheap tutorial – a gorgeous gilded wreath to adorn your front door. You are going to need just a few supplies and an hour to create your very own. Let’s get started!




Plastic or foam pumpkins and gourds (I got mine for 50% off at Michaels)

Krylon Dual spray paint in metallic gold, or your favorite color

A wreath form, or cardboard with and scissors(I used a pizza box)

Hot glue gun and sticks

Ribbon to coordinate with your paint choice

Drop cloth or old sheet to protect surface from overspray


Begin by laying out your pumpkins on the drop cloth. This project is best done outside since you will be spray painting.


Spray pumpkins per instructions on can. Make sure you are using paint that has primer in it. If not, you will need to prime the pieces first. I love Krylon Dual because it has paint and primer in one. It is my go to product for spray painting.


Now for the wreath form. I showed you how to make your own from cardboard in this DIY Poinsettia Wreath tutorial. For this project, I wrapped the cardboard wreath form in duct tape for durability since I planned to hang the wreath outdoors.


Before attaching the painted, dry pumpkins, place the ribbon around the wreath. Hot glue it into place, then begin attaching pumpkins.

It’s as easy as that!


TIP: For more cohesiveness, once all the pumpkins are in place, use the same spray paint to spray the wreath form where it is visible in the spaces.

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100 Mason Jar Projects to Make

Mason Jar Craft Roundup @savedbyloves
The creative mason jar projects keep rolling in, so we have updated our orignal round-up of jar crafts to include our new favorites. Enjoy!!


Mason Jar Crafts fb


Dollar Store Craft DIY Mercury Glass Votive Holder From Martini Glass

[pinit]How to Make Mercury Glass Candle Holder[pinit]

I am excited to share with you this Dollar Store Craft, a lovely DIY mercury glass candle holder.  I made it from the stem of a dollar store martini glass and a dollar store candle holder!  Read on to see how I removed the stem and attached it to the holder, and how I created the mercury glass finish with Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint.


DIY Mercury Glass With Looking Glass Spray Paint

Dollar Store Martini Glass

Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint

Martini Glass

Glass Cutter

Butane Micro Torch or candle and lighter

Bucket of cold water

Coarse sand paper or grinder with diamond bit for glass



Make a score line around the stem of the martini glass at its top where the stem meets the upper part of the martini glass.

How to cut glass

Apply heat to score line and submerge in cold water to separate the stem at the score line like I showed you in this DIY Wine Bottle Rings tutorial.

Sand or grind top of separated stem to give a flat surface for gluing to the bottom of the glass candle holder.

Dollar Store Craft

Here is the glass I used to glue onto the stem of the martini glass.  I used E6000 on to attach two pieces, and placed the glued pieces against the wall for support while drying.  Let dry several hours before applying the mercury glass finish in the next steps!

DIY Mercury Glass Tutorial

Mercury Glass DIY

Pour Epson salt into the glass so that to about one inch from the bottom.  It is not important to be exact here.

 In a well ventilated area with protected work surface, spray looking glass paint inside of the glass at the rim. Make sure to follow instructions on label. You want to shake the can vigourously before using.

Shake the glass a snow globe (holding your hand over the top), so that the salt grabs the paint and drags it around. This will create the mercury glass look.

Repeat steps 5 and 6 a few more times, allowing each coat to dry for about 5 minutes before applying the next. Stop when are happy with the look!

50 Plus Awesome Wood Shim DIY Projects



50 DIY Wood Shim Projects to Make


Wood shims are inexpensive and can be used to create gorgeous DIY home decor.  Make faux pallet art, cover an ugly thrift store dresser, create a designer starburst mirror on a shoe string budget.  Here are 50+ of the best DIY wood shim project tutorials from creatives everywhere.  If we missed your project, send us a link so we can include you!  Enjoy.

Make an Easy Photo or Placeholder


I have a great placeholder DIY tutorial for you today using just a few supplies.  These can be created in no time, and are perfect for holiday and party table settings, as well as photo or holiday greeting card display.  Change the add-ons to accommodate any occasion!  Add a meaningful photo and give as a gift that will be cherished. The base wire holder is super easy to make, and embellishing possibilities are limitless.

Creating the Basic Stand


Wax or UTEE (ultra thick embossing enamel)

Ranger melting pot if using UTEE, double broiler if using candle wax (see this how to melt candle wax)

Silicone Cube Tray

18 guage craft wire

Wire cutters

Round mandrel or other object to form circle wire holder


The Wire

 Cut 10 inch segments of wire and wrap around mandrel or other round tube at one end.  Wrap wire twice to create the double circle that the card or photo slips into.


Bend wire at base of circle with your fingers as shown in photo .  Now it is ready to be inserted into the cube.


The Base

Melt your candle wax or UTEE per instructions, carefully pour into silicone square cubes and let harden.  UTEE sets up pretty quickly (just a couple of minutes), wax takes 15-20 minutes.

For this reason, if using UTEE, pour only 2-3 cubes at a time and insert the wire while base is still in tray.  You could also let it harden all the way, then pop it out and drill a hole in the center for you wire.  I prefer the in tray option (sorry no photo) since UTEE acts as a strong adhesive and will secure the wire without glue if placed before hardening.  Just make sure the wire doesn’t shift.  You may have to hold it in place for 1 minute.  If drilling, dip tip of wire in adhesive before inserting into drilled hole.

Here are UTEE cubes after hardening…

DIY place holder or photo display tutorial using wax and wire @savedbyloves

If using wax insert wire when wax is almost completely set.  This will be about 20 minutes.  Just insert the wire and make sure the wax is hard enough to hold it up.  Let harden fully, then remove your ready to embellish stand.

Thanksgiving Placeholders

The idea for these stands came to me when thinking of our Thanksgiving table.  I wanted everyone to have leaves to write gratitude/blessings on, to add to a “thankful tree” centerpiece I threw together.

To make the tree:  I grabbed a mason jar I had painted red, removed the ornaments from my Halloween paper ornament tree and put the tree in a hole I cut in the jar lid, added some stones to hold the tree in place, and topped it off with a fall bow.


Thanksgiving Placeholders; I embellished my stands with leaves I die cut from paint swatches with my Sizzix.  I hole punched them at the base and tied them to the wire with leftover hemp cord from a prior project.  For the name cards, I stamped cardstock circles with monogram letters and mounted them on scalloped circles.



 For Christmas placeholders, I attached a foil poinsettia (tutorial here) to the base, and a shiny silver bow.  I used the interference blue UTEE to create the cube because it looks like snow.

UTEE Ultra thick embossing enamel project tutorial

How to Make Place Cards


Make a Gratitude Chalkboard Calendar

Make a Gratitude Chalkboard Calendar with Vanessa @ Crafts Unleashed, featured @savedbyloves

I have moved right from Halloween to Christmas crafting, with little consideration for Thanksgiving.  We are not hosting this year’s Thanksgiving get together, and I want a 100% handmade Christmas this year, so there is lots of work to be done for that!  In the spirit of keeping the giving of thanks in mind, today I am pointing you to this wonderful chalkboard gratitude calendar DIY from Vanessa at Crafts Unleashed.  This is just the project to help you keep a grateful heart.

You may want to check out 75+ Chalkboard Paint Projects:

Make Bowls From Leaves

Make a bowl from leaves by Hello Lucky, featured @savedbyloves #Fall #DIY #Crafts

I just can’t get enough of leaf crafts!  That is why I just had to share this DIY autumn leaf bowl I found at Hello Lucky!  See how it was made with just a few supplies, including my go to supply, Mod Podge.

For more leaf crafts, click the thumbnail:

Book Page Pumpkin Patch

Make book page pumpkins @savedbyloves #papercraft #pumpkin #Halloween #Fal #DIY #upcycle


Today I am sharing with you a great eco-friendly project for you fall decor, using old book pages or music sheets.  It came to mind when I ran across this paper sphere garland I shared with you last year…

The process is pretty quick and easy.  Here is how I did it.

Make book page pumpkins @savedbyloves #papercraft #pumpkin #Halloween #Fall #DIY #upcycle


Book Pages

Pumpkin shape die, or paper punch, or template to trace onto pages and hand cut

Craft glue


Raffia or Ribbon


Cut pumpkin shapes with your die cutter or by hand.  I used 16-20 per 3D pumpkin. You could also use an oval shape if you don’t have a pumpkin die.

Fold down center and glue halves back to back like I showed you with the sphere garland:


When all of your 16 shapes are glued together, adhere the last and first pumpkins to complete the 3D pumpkin.  There will be a hole in the center for you to place a stick for the stem.  Add a line of glue along the stick to secure in place.  Embellish with raffia, ribbon, leaves, or beads as desired.

Make book page pumpkins @savedbyloves #papercraft #pumpkin #Halloween #Fall #DIY #upcycle

Make book page pumpkins @savedbyloves #papercraft #pumpkin #Halloween #Fall #DIY #upcycle

Make book page pumpkins @savedbyloves #papercraft #pumpkin #Halloween #Fall #DIY #upcycle

You could use them on your Thanksgiving table scape as place cards, or as part of a centerpiece.  Instead of a stick use wire & create a loop at the top of the stem.  Use the loop to thread your pumpkins on string for beautiful harvest garland.

Make Roses From Leaves

Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

This project was awhile in the making, as there was some trial and error involved.  I have been dying to cut leaves with my Sizzix since they started changing into the warm autumn hues.  The part I couldn’t figure out about how to do this was preserving the leaves.  If I pressed them, they would be brittle and fall apart when I rolled them into the rose shape.  What to do?

Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

The solution turned out to be beeswax.  The idea came to me when I saw this post at Artsy Ants on preserving autumn leaves with beeswax.  I thought just maybe I could dip the leaves, then die cut and roll the spirals into the 3D rose.  There were some things to learn along the way, but in the end, it worked.  I used my roses to embellish an oval frame containing autumn themed subway art.   See how I did it…


Colorful Autumn leaves


Melting pot

Bamboo skewer or toothpick

Heat tool

Oval frame ($1 at Michaels)

Craft glue

Mod Podge rub on transfers Holidays/Seasons

Masking tape

Sizzix 3D rose die

Sizzix die cut machine (I used Vagabond here)


Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

Melt beeswax in melting pot

Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

Dip leaf into melted beeswax and set on wax paper to cool for 30 seconds or so.  You can do several leaves at once, but you want to move on to the die cutting and rolling quickly, as the wax becomes brittle if it cools too much and you will be annoyed.  Seriously annoyed.  I would dip about 20 leaves and move on to die cutting right after that.

Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

I used the smaller rose to cut my leaves, since most of them were too small to completely cover the large rose shape.  Place the wax coated leave over the shape and tape in place with masking tape so it doesn’t shift.  You can stack up to 4 coated leaves at a time to run through the machine.

Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

Use your bamboo skewer to roll the die cut leaf into the spiral rose.  I showed you this in the aluminum can rose video below.  The process is the same for the leaf rose.  Be careful, as they are fragile and will tear.  If you have a stack of the shapes because you cut 4 at once, carefully separate them and roll each shape.  Use a paintbrush to add beeswax as a glue at a couple of points throughout the spiral.

Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

This shows me painting on the beeswax as “glue”

Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

Glue the bottom tab to secure as shown in the video, using beeswax instead of glue.

Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

Once your leaf is formed, remelt the wax that cracked during the rolling process with the heat tool.  This makes sure the entire piece is sealed and gets rid of the cracks.  Hold rose in place with tooth pick while heating.

Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

Use your leaf roses to embellish your next project.  I glued mine to an oval wood frame I found at Michael’s for $1.  I used Mod Podge fall themed rub on transfers to create subway art on cardstock to put inside the frame.  LOVE.

Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

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Make a Vase From a Pumpkin

Make a vase from a pumpkin for your #FallDecor #centerpiece by 52 Weeks project, featured @savedbyloves

How fun is this pumpkin vase spied over at 52 Weeks Project?  According to the creator Rachel, the project can be done in an hour, dry time and all.  Head over to see how she created this gorgeous fall centerpiece.  I just so happened to have picked up a white pumpkin yesterday.  It is going to be upgraded from the porch to the kitchen table soon thanks to this inspiration!

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