Paper Sphere Garland DIY

How to Make Garland

I wanted to do something with the gorgeous Martha Stewart holiday patterned paper I got in the mail, so I came up with this sphere paper garland.  It is super easy to make, albeit somewhat time consuming.  All you need is some pretty paper, a glue stick, a couple of circle punches and some twine.

How to make paper garland


Punch out a ton of circles.  Each sphere takes 16!  I used 2 different sizes, 1.75 inch and 1 inch, so that my garland would have spheres of 2 sizes.  Fold your circles in half, print sides up (or print sides together).

Paper Christmans Decorations

Glue on back of semi circle and press it to another semi-circle’s back.  Keep connecting back to back, for a total of 16.  Glue the flaps of the first and last paper circle together to close the sphere.

How to make Christmas decorations


Make Paper Christmas OrnamentsOnce you have enough spheres for your garland, string them on twine by sticking it through the hole in the center of each sphere.  That is it!  I have 22 spheres on mine and it took me several hours.  Totally worth it.  I just folded and glue while watching Netflix!

How to make paper garland

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