Dimensional Polka Dot Pumpkins and Fall Porch

No Carve Pumpkin Decorating

Not all unintentional crafting outcomes are craft fails.  Sometimes they are happy accidents.  Here, I had planned on using vinyl paper punched circles as stencils to create black pumpkins with orange polka dots.  However, my circle paper punch kept snagging on the vinyl, cutting choppy and irregular circles.  This led to my unplanned,  but loved,  dimensional dot pumpkins.   Tutorial below!


  • Pumpkins (I used craft pumpkins from Michaels)
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint by Rustoleum, or color of your choice
  • How to Paint PumpkinsCircle dimensional stickers – I think I got mine at Michaels, but I am sure they have them anywhere there are stickers.  They don’t have to be cute, just puffy.  You are spray painting over them.


  • Apply dimensional stickers in desired patter onto clean, dry pumpkin.
  • Spray paint entire pumkin and enjoy!

No Carve Pumpkin Decorating

The orange crackle pumpkin I made using the technique I showed you here.  The urns are plastic and came from Lowes for $6 each.  I spray painted them with the same black I used on the dimensional dot pumpkins.

Halloween Decorating

Some window bunting from Halloween patterned cardstock, and harvest bomb is now complete.  The girls love their front porch, and aside from a brief unpleasant encounter with the parking police, I had a blast.  Before and after…

Fall Porch

Halloween Decorating

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