Fall Front Porch Finale: Gratitude Sign With Tutorial

This is it. I am done with the porch for now. This project was completed using the materials pictured; Scrapbook paper
Board I picked up at yard sale for $0.25
Sand paper
Hardware for hanging (I used a 2ft black link chain attached with black U shaped tacks)
Black vinyl cutout “gratitude” and swirlies using cricut machine

First, measure and cut your paper to fit the front of the board. I used a paper cutter to slice (can’t cut a straight line to save my life). Make sure you cut appropriate size sections that line up if your board is bigger than your scrapbook paper…
Yay. I get to talk about Matte Gel Medium. I LOVE this stuff. I was a dedicated mod podger for adhering paper to other surfaces, until this magical product was revealed to me (I am not getting paid for this, it is how I feel…). I find it much neater and easier to use. It produces fewer air bubbles and the paper becomes one with the surface. Superb. On with it…

I spread a thin, even-ish layer over the board using a sponge brush. I then apply a thin layer to the back of the paper (don’t worry about completely covering every inch), lay the paper on the board, lining up the pieces so the pattern is seamless, letting the excess hang over the edge for now…

Smooth out the paper with the palm of your hand to remove air bubbles, then again with the brayer – this is the mac daddy of air bubble eliminators. It is essential.

Next, trim the excess paper as close to the edge as you can…

I like to sand the edges of the paper to make them blend into the board and to even things out. I also like the distressed look that results…
Here you can see the edge where I sanded and light brushed a Ranger Ink Distressed Ink pad in Antique Linen over the white of the paper created by sanding. Cool worn look.
Last thing is to seal the piece; I used Mod Podge for paper, 2 layers allowing dry time between. Attach hardware and hang! Sadly, the sun had gone down before I completed this, so icky flash pictures, but you get the idea. Happy crafting. Scatter joy!


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