Awesome Acorn Wreath; Thrifty and SOOOO Cute


I ran across this post by Dana at “Made”, and filed it under “To Do” right away. The following day, i scored a the above straw wreath at Goodwill for $0.99. It was meant to be. I went to the local dog park and found the perfect almond shaped acorns. Some of them I had to decapitate (remove their hats), but most of them were hatless.

I returned home with 2 plastic grocery bags a little over half way full. I tell you this because I had to go back for more acorns. Get them all. It takes more than it looks like it would.
I tossed them in the sink and washed them with dish detergent, rinsed, then put on a large cookie sheet and baked at 350 degrees for 15 minutes to rid them of any living beings (apparently maggots can happen if this step is skipped – Yuck). Then I haphazardly hot glued them all over the straw wreath (leaving out the back, so the wreath will lie flat against the wall). For the bow, I ripped a piece of fabric and… that is it. $0.99 plus time spent hunting acorns, plus strip of fabric and some hot glue action. Not bad! (Add a few dollars for some spray paint, which I had on hand).
Check out these beautiful spray painted versions Dana posted…

I love the look of these. I can’t wait to spray paint mine. I think I will stay with the natural color for awhile. Oh, who am I kidding, I will be making more. The wonderful thing about spray painting them is that they can be displayed all year round, not just holiday time. I am struck with a wreath obsession this year.
What are your wreath ideas? Post pics, please. I am inspired by you!!!
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