Plaid Painted Pumpkin

How to Decorate For Halloween

Are you as obsessed with decorating pumpkins as we are here at SBLC?  What a fun time of year for creative festivity.  There are some amazing painted pumpkins circulating out there.  I was inspired by some of the plaid painted designs to create my own.  Grab some painters tape and join me!


Painters tape, pumpkin, acrylic paint in colors of your choice


Tape off stripes and paint!  I just randomly placed my stripes as I went.  No plan.  You may want to have a plaid pattern in front of you for inspiration, or just wing it.  When you switch colors, make sure the paint is dry before applying tape over it.  I used my handy heat tool to speed along the drying process.  Simple as that!

No Carve Pumpkin ideas

What do you think.  How are you decorating your pumpkins this year?

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