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Tiered Stand From Dollar Store Dishes

Dollar Store Tiered Dish Tutorial #DIY home decor @savedbyloves


All the talk of repurposed dishes in this week’s 50+ ways to upcycle dishes roundup got me thinking.  I was at my local dollar store and scooped up three glass dishes in small, medium and large.  In a project that took all of 5 minutes, I created a fun tiered display stand with them.  This is great for decorating seasonally since I can fill it with various colored stones and decor to go with the holidays.  Now I have it filled with plastic hearts (also from the dollar store) and ceramic hearts from the local fair trade store.

Dollar Store Tiered Dish Tutorial #DIY home decor @savedbyloves

The spindles I scored at Habitat For Humanity Restore… a whole box of them!  I wasn’t sure what I would do with them, but I knew I would use them somehow.  I have like 40 more of them, so this is not the last project they will appear in!


Glue spindles to dishes, with largest dish on bottom, working up to smallest dish.

Dollar Store Tiered Dish Tutorial #DIY home decor @savedbyloves

I used Flora Bond that I got at Joann Fabrics.

Flora Bond


Dollar store craft repuroposed upcycled dishes @savedbyloves

If you like Dollar Store Crafts, check out our roundup of over 60 of them:

More repurposed dish crafts can be found in that 50+ roundup:

Creative Blogs That Have My Heart

There are so many amazing, inspiring craft blogs to visit.  I am sure I have only come across a small percentage of what is out there, and still I don’t get to frequent the ones I love as much as I would if there were three of me.  Today I am taking the time to share with you a few of my favorites.

Mod Podge Rocks

Mod Podge Rocks Blog

This is one of the very first blogs I came across when I first got crafty.  I am as amazed with it now as I was back then.  Amy Anderson keeps the inspiration coming with great tutorials and features, as well as everything you could ever want to know about Mod Podge.  You could revamp everything you own with the decoupage projects she shares.  Not only that, but she couldn’t be any sweeter, more helpful or more adorable, and may just have the cutest pug on the block.

Mod Podge Rocks!: Decoupage Your World

Amy came out with a fantastic book, detailing over 40 projects for you to try.  Maybe you remember me going on about it here.  These projects are doable for the novice to the master crafter, and are sure to impress your friends!

30 Minute Crafts

Sometimes I will spend days on a project, weeks even.  Other times, I really want some instant gratification with a quick finished project.  That is when I head to 30 Minute Crafts.


Carolina shares projects that take 30, 15, even 10 minutes to create.  In her words; “Though I love intricate, detailed crafts – I don’t always have the time. 30 Minute Crafts give me the satisfaction of creating something, without the huge time commitment.”

You don’t want to miss this site!  Find the perfect project for your next group craft night or last minute handmade gift.

The V Spot


I am a sucker for a great repurpose.  Vivienne is a genius in this area.  I will never forget when she made a fire pit from a washer drum.

How to turn an old washing machine into a fire pit

Vivienne shares great projects, has a thing for pumpkins, and will have you laughing and crying.  She is a gorgeous lady, one of my favorite people I’ve never met!

Go be inspired!  There are tons more favorites I will be sharing with you in the future.  I would love to hear about where you go for inspiration too.

50+ Things to Make From Old Dishes

Over 50 Projects to Make from Repurposed Dishes @savedbyloves


Old dishes are everywhere, and there are tons of ways to repurpose them.  This roundup will inspire you to raid the cabinets and thrift stores for some upcycle fun.  Enjoy!

Recycled Pop Can Heart Earrings


#DIY #Upcycled Recycled aluminum can heart earrings by @savedbyloves

Need some earrings to show your Valentine’s Day spirit?  Give these recycled Coke can heart earrings a try.  They are super cheap to create, and your friends will be amazed that they came from a can.  You can used a paper punch or a die cut machine for the heart shape.  The embossing can be done with a die cut machine or embossing folder and rolling pin, like I showed you in my recycled can heart bezel pendant tutorial.

#DIY #Upcycled Recycled aluminum can heart earrings by @savedbyloves


Aluminum can

4 4mm jump rings

Earring wires

Metal hole punch

Texture embossing folder

ICE resin

Vintaj relief block

Red acrylic paint and sponge brush

Metal primer

2 pairs of flat nose jewelry pliers


Cut aluminum can and primer

See recycled can heart bezel pendant for more details on preparing the can.

Emboss and cut heart shapes

I showed you in the heart bezel pendant tutorial  (linked above) how you can emboss without an embossing machine.  Emboss first, then cut shape (aren’t you proud, Amy?)!

vintaj reliefing block

apply ICE jeweler's grade resin

To dome the resin, pour in middle and pull out to edges with toothpick or needle tool.  Don’t pour too much.  You can always add more resin if needed.  Having resin run over the edges of your piece is no fun.  Seriously.

doming resin instructions

When resin is dry, paint the other side of the earring and hole punch for jump ring placement.

metal hole punch tutorial

punch holes for jump ring placement

Use pliers to open jump ring and attach it to another jump ring and an ear wire.  Close, then open end ring an attach to heart.

inserting jump rings into earring holes

That’s it!

Make upcycled aluminum can jewelry @savedbyloves

Make a Bowl From Confetti

DIY Bowl from Confetti at VJuliet, featured @savedbyloves[pinit]

Today I am sharing a cool DIY I spotted at V Juliet.  Learn how to make this colorful bowl using confetti and a balloon!  I have seen balloons used to create doily sphere globe lamps and bowls from leaves, but never anything like this.  Head over for the full DIY that promises to be easy and fun.

New Printable Love Trio

#Valentine's Day #Printable Set from @savedbyloves #Freebie


#Valentine's Day #Printable Set from @savedbyloves #Freebie


It was time to update my 11×14 frame trio that gets switched out to correspond with the holidays.  I created this red/pink/white ombre Valentine’s love themed printable set to share with you.  I love how it came out!  For just $1 a print at my local Office Depot, updating the decor can be done without breaking the bank.  Just right click the thumbnail to pull up the full res version.  Save to your computer or flash drive to print.  I have mine done at Office Depot on regular printer paper.  The image is 11×14 inches, which they will print on 11z17 in paper.  Just cut off the excess for your 11×14 frame.  You could have them crop it to 8×10 if that is your preferred frame size as well.

XOXO ombre free printable

Heart free printable

Love chevron free printable

Don’t have frames?  Mount it to MDF or scrapwood like I showed you in this faux canvas art DIY.

Don’t want red and pink?  Check out last year’s printable Valentine’s Day trio I shared with you:


Make Vibrant Artwork in A Snap (+ Love Printable)

Corinthians 16:14 Dylusions ink background art print by @savedbyloves


This post was originally shared at Fox Hollow Cottage.

 I have been playing with Dylusions spray inks lately, and am in love.  Why?  Because you can create gorgeous art with the spray of a bottle.  Using a background I created in about 1 minute with this dye, I made you a Corinthians love verse printable to download and frame.  Want to make your own? Scroll down for the video and get creating.


Free Love Verse Printable by @savedbyloves #Dylusions #Valentine'sDay



Right click the image to pull up the full res 8×10, download and print!

Maybe you wish it were a different color, or had a specific saying.  That is why I am going to show you how to create your own vibrant, watercolor background using spray inks, and how to get your custom text/designs on there.


Dylusions spray ink (Bubble Gum pink and Post Box red used here)

Watercolor paper

Water spritzer

Paper towels

Stencils of your choice (I used hearts to go with my love theme)

Hair dryer or heat tool

Transfer paper, design to transfer, and pencil (or just pencil if you want to freehand your design)

Micron artist pen in black or other permanent black pen (size 03 used here)

Here is a quick video showing you the simple process:

If you scan the background, the editing possibilities are unending.  Use it as the base for subway art with my DIY subway art tutorial.

Change the hues, add text and images, digital scrapbooking, even use it as your blog background.  Here is an example of a Dylusions background that I hand stamped, scanned, and altered the color of the butterfly:


Digital scrapbooking, dylusions ink background, art journaling


Faux Pewter Polymer Clay Pendants

 DIY Faux Pewter pendants using polymer clay by Crafts Unleashed, featured @savedbyloves


Shaunte at Crafts Unleashed created these cool faux pewter pendants using polymer clay.  This is a great project for novice to experienced clayers.  If you have never used polymer clay before, and you like the idea of creating faux looks of all kinds, give it a shot.  It  is a medium that is inexpensive and easy to create with, right out of the package.  You don’t need expensive equipment, just an oven, some household tools and your hands.

Here are some of my favorite Polymer Clay  projects from SBLC.  Just click the thumbnail to see the tutorials.

These and more polymer clay tutorials can be found in our TUTORIALS PAGE!

Easy Valentine’s Day Heart Garland

Valentine's Day Garland #DIY #Craft @savedbyloves


Cupid’s arrow hit me in the decorate muscle, and I’ve been making paper hearts zealously ever since.  I stacked and strung some paper hearts and scrapbook embellishments together for this pink, red and white Valentine’s Day heart garland.  It is quick, easy to make, and I am digging it.  See how to make your own…

Valentine's Day Garland #DIY #Craft @savedbyloves


Valentine's Day Garland #DIY #Craft @savedbyloves

Red, white and pink cardstock paper hearts

Valentine’s day themed scrapbooking embellishements (I got felt sticker hearts and pop up hearts at Michael’s)

Paper Doilies

Glue dots or other adhesive

Hole punch

Twine or other string


Valentine's Day Garland #DIY #Craft @savedbyloves


Adhere smaller heart embellishments onto larger cardstock hearts.

Create enough layered hearts to make your garland the length needed for its intended space.

Take a leftover scrap bigger background heart, fold in half and hole punch on outer edge (both sides at same time in same spot since folded in half) where you want to thread for hanging.

Unfold and use as template for placement of holes in layered hearts by lining up on back of layered heart and using holes as guide for hole puncher.

Lay out the hearts and move them around until you are happy with the order.

String and hang!

Valentine's Day Garland #DIY #Craft @savedbyloves

Valentine's Day Garland #DIY #Craft @savedbyloves

Find over 50 ways to decorate for Valentine’s Day:

50+Valentine’s Gifts to Make

60 Projects to Make with Dollar Store Supplies

50+ Dollar Store Crafts to Make @savedbyloves


One of my very favorite activities is going to the dollar store and thinking of things to make from the products there.  It forces me to be thrifty, and to think outside of the box.  Does this always yield a stunning outcome?  Nope.  But the times that I do love what I end up with make the failures absolutely worth it.  Not only that, but when it turns out the idea looked better in my head than in reality, I only spent a few bucks.  No biggie.

The projects I found for this compilation are pretty impressive.  Great decor doesn’t have to break the bank.  Neither do great accessories.  Keep an open mind on your next visit to your local dollar store!  Before the full round-up, I just have to talk about a few of my favorites…

Dollar store craft to make

Salvage Dior took a black rubber door mat from the dollar store and made this faux vintage iron wall piece.  I am an outside of the box thinker, but I don’t know that I would have thought to paint rubber for faux iron.  I mean, come on.  Gotta love spray paint, right?

Dollar store pantry reorganization at Social home

Need some organizing inspiration?  Jen at The Social Home gave her pantry a makeover with dollar store supplies.  Does your pantry look like this?  If so, did you get it there for $48?  I know.

Craft supply storage with dollar store supplies

Remember when I made marker storage from a garage sale frame and some dollar store buckets?

Infarrantly Creative dollar store plate to garden art

When I first saw this, I thought it was beautiful.  When I saw that it was made from dollar store dishes, it became genius.  Who else but Beckie of Infarrantly Creative makes gorgeous garden art from some plates and paint?

Now for the top 60 dollar store projects

Are you excited about this round-up?  Want more ideas?  You will love one of my favorite sites, Dollar Store Crafts.  It is full of inspiration and projects to get your budget craft wheels spinning.