Make Your Own Word Stamp From Poly Clay

Polymer Clay Tutorial

I picked up a new polymer clay book, Polymer Clay 101, and am excited to share with you my first project from it.  This is super handy if you want a specific word or shape in a specific size for your clay pieces.  In my case, there are about five spiritual/inspirational words that I use over and over in my pendants and charms.  With rubber stamp words available for purchase, I am limited in what I can create.  Here you will see how to use polymer clay to make a word stamp for clay that you can use again and again!

Polymer Clay Tutorial Book

Polymer Clay Tutorials

I am assuming some polymer clay experience in this brief overview of the process.  For way better pics, and more details, get the book.  It comes with a DVD, which I have not had a chance to view, but if this project is any indication, it is a good addition to your clay arsenal.

ADDENDUM:  I just found a really detailed photo tutorial using a very similar polymer clay technique at Polymer Clay Central.  The big difference is they didn’t use a printed word for their snake to trace, and I think their way may be simpler.  I will let you know when I try!

Polymer Clay Stamp

TIP:  I thought my stamp looked horrible, and was about to scrap it, when something told me to give it a shot.  I am so happy I didn’t toss it.  I love how the pendants turned out.  You can use a needle tool to carve out any areas that you need to to make the word impression more even.  I didn’t even do that here.  I like the handwritten quality to the word in my final pieces.

Polymer Clay Stamp

*For the flower and butterfly stamps, I cut a the shapes out of clay using tiny cookie cutters specifically for clay, and baked them onto a clay base like I did the words above.

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