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How to Make a Gorgeous Fall Wreath

It has been way too long since I made and shared a DIY wreath project with you all. That is why I am a super stoked about today's simple, cheap tutorial - a gorgeous gilded wreath to adorn your front door. You are going to need just a few supplies and an hour to create your very own. Let's get … [Read more...]

DIY Alcohol Ink Aluminum Can Christmas Wreath

If you are anything like me, you love Ranger Ink products.  I am particularly obsessed with alcohol inks, which paint vivid color on non-porous surfaces such as aluminum and glass.  How excited was I to be invited to share a Christmas project on the Ranger Ink Blgo?! Very. Come see how I created … [Read more...]

DIY Paper Flower Fall Wreath

I finally got my hands on the , and had myself a great time! There are tons of ways to use these paper flowers in decor.  I opted to make this festive fall flower wreath. Following the instructions that came with the cartridge, I made the Lotus, Zinnia and Rose in oranges and purple  … [Read more...]

Make a Burlap Spring Wreath

Hi everyone! It's Laura again from Inspiration for Moms. Today is a beautiful day in Colorado. The sun is out, the windows are open and the birds are chirping. Spring is in the air! So I though it would be the perfect time to make a Spring wreath for my front door. [pinit] [pinit] First … [Read more...]

Make a Cool Wreath From Fabric Scraps

Hi everyone! It's Vidya from Whats Ur Home Story. Great to back here sharing an exciting project! Don't know about y'all but after all the cold and snow this winter I'm so ready for Spring! I know we have got over a month to go but no harm in pretending that it is already Spring around here … [Read more...]

DIY Wreath & Bouquet from Dollar Store Soaps

[pinit] [pinit]   Ok, I will admit, I am pretty proud of this Dollar Store Craft.  I made the rose bouquet and wreath from rose soaps I found at Dollar Tree!  You get 9 in a package and at one of the Dollar Tree stores near me, I found them 2/$1.  It took 12 packages for the wreath and 4 … [Read more...]

DIY Starburst Dollar Store Pencil Wreath With @Floracraft

[pinit][pinit] I am a member of the Make It: Fun® Team. This DIY Starburst Christmas Wreath is sponsored FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam. All opinions are honest and mine, like always. Incorporate the chalkboard craze into a fun starburst Christmas wreath made with dollar store Christmas patterned … [Read more...]

Make a Live Succulent Wreath

[pinit] [pinit] Are you in love with the look of succulents?  Terrariums and other decor using these hardy plants are crazy popular right now, and I can see why.  They are so easy to care for, and are a great way to add a splash of green to any room.  Learn how to make this gorgeous live succulent … [Read more...]

Upcycled Hubcap Patriotic Star Wreath

[pinit] [pinit] I stopped and pulled a U-turn to rescue a hubcap roadside a few months ago, knowing I would use it for something.  This upcycled soda box star wreath was the perfect project for it since I was going for a grungy americana look.  This was super easy to make and I had everything on … [Read more...]

How to Make a Paper Feather Wreath

[pinit] This paper feather wreath by Lia Griffith is just the accessory to top off your summer home decor.  Lia used 36 paper feathers and a 12 inch wreath form to make this beauty.  Head over to her post for the link to the leaf template and create your own inexpensive, fabulous wreath in colors … [Read more...]