Make Terrariums Galore in Under 1 Hour


How to Make a terrarium, DIY @savedbyloves

How to Make a terrarium, DIY @savedbyloves

Today I am excited to share my first terrarium project (aside from the pendant I made in Cynthia’s class that I told you about yesterday’s 50+ Terrarium Projects to Make).  Since I have a habit of hoarding random glass containers from my junkin adventures, I had just the collection to whip up 5 different succulent planters.  The project was done in under 1 hour, and cost about $20 total!  I am giving some as gifts, and adding some to my own display in progress.

How to Make a terrarium, DIY @savedbyloves

On this $1 glass bowl from the dollar store, I etched “GROW” using Martha Stewart’s Glass etching cream that I showed you in this doily etched wine bottle post from Monday.  Perfect for a terrarium!

DIY Terrarium Supplies


Various succulents from your local nursery – I even found some at Walmart

Succulent Soil

Activated Charcoal

Little Rocks


Thrifted glass containers, jars, etc

How to make a terrarium



Put some small rocks at the bottom.  These drain the water from the soil.

If you are working in a closed container, you want to put a layer of charcoal next.  This prevents mold from forming in the closed vessel.  If you are working in an open container, this is not necessary.

Next put a layer of moss (I found the bright purple, green and white in a variety pack at Michaels).

Put an inch or 2 of soil next, then stick in succulent cuttings as you like.  You can cover the soil with moss, pebbles or other embellishments as desired.

How to Make a terrarium, DIY @savedbyloves

Your succulent will take root if all goes as planned.  As Cynthia Bee pointed out, if it dies, just start over.  You are out just 1-2 bucks.  Watering frequency will depend on your local environment.  It is better to underwater than to over water, as the latter leads to root rot.  Spritz with water once a week or so, and place in indirect sunlight.  Too much direct sun will burn your plant!

How to Make a terrarium, DIY @savedbyloves

 Easy DIY Terrariums

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