Upcycled Hubcap Patriotic Star Wreath


Upcycled #repurposed hubcab to patriotic star wreath #timholtz #distresspaint @savedbyloves[pinit]

I stopped and pulled a U-turn to rescue a hubcap roadside a few months ago, knowing I would use it for something.  This upcycled soda box star wreath was the perfect project for it since I was going for a grungy americana look.  This was super easy to make and I had everything on hand.  I used my Sizzix machine to cut the stars, but fear not, you can do this project without all that.

Make an upcycled patriotic americana star wreath with @savedbyloves #sizzix


Recycled Hubcap to patriotic americana star wreath @savedbyloves

Hubcap or other wreath form

Empty cereal/soda/food boxes

Foil Tape (available at your local hardware store)

Tim Holtz Distress Paint; Barn Red, Salty Ocean and Picket Fence

Tim Holtz 3D Star Die Sizzix

Tim Holtz Star Bright Die and Sizzix Machine, or 3 D Star Templates and scissors

Hot glue gun and sticks or other adhesive



Cut sheets from cardboard boxes and cover with foil tape, smoothing out wrinkles with your hands.

free 3d paper star template

Cut stars from foil covered cardboard using die or by hand with 3D star template like this one.  I made my stars in 3 sizes; 2 from the die and the middle size by hand from the template.  You can resize and print in small, med and large stars.

Why the foil tape, you ask?

I have made these stars in the past from aluminum cans, paper only, cardboard, heavy cardstock, grunge paper and chickens (I made the last one up).  The best result, in my opinion, in terms of shape and folds is cereal box thickness cardboard.  It holds the creases and 3D shape well, and is free.  Plus you are recycling.  Now doesn’t that feel nice?  Aluminum can stars are cool, but you bend them up while trying to make the creases, so they don’t look as nice.  The foil came into play because I love Tim Holtz Distress Paint on it, and I knew I wanted to use the red, white and blue for this project.  You could paint directly on the cardboard and skip this step if you wanted.  A happy accident happened when the red lettering on my foil tape showed through a the paint and I liked it.  I made a couple of stars with just the tape.

Americana 3D start wreath tutorial #fourthofjuly #patriotic @savedbyloves

Paint your stars as desired and let dry.

Upcycled #repurposed hubcab to patriotic star wreath #timholtz #distresspaint @savedbyloves

I started with the biggest stars, adhering them onto hub cab with 3D foam stickers.  Then I adhered stars to stars for the upper layers using hot glue.  Just play with the placement until you are happy with your design.

Make an upcycled patriotic americana star wreath with @savedbyloves #sizzix

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