Halloween Party Decor with FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam

[pinit]Decorative Mesh Halloween Wreath[pinit]

*NOTE:  I recieved product and compensation for this project.  All opinions are mine and honest.

With just a month until Halloween, it is time to get down with some creepy decor.  Today I am going to show you how to do just that with a little help from Make it Fun: Crafts.  Using Design It:® Simple Style® Decorative Mesh and Burlap with FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam we will create a festive orange rosette wreath, perfect for your Halloween festivities!

Decorative Mesh Halloween Wreath DIY


Make it Fun Burlap Garland

 Design It:® Simple Style® Decorative Mesh

 Design It:® Simple Style® Burlap Garland

FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam Sheet

FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam Cutter

Black wired ribbon or burlap

Hot glue gun



I cut my wreath form from a sheet of foam using the foam cutter (which you can find on the Make it Fun website linked above).  You could also just use a precut wreath form.

How to cut foam

Trace the donut shape onto the foam sheet.  I used two foam circles, one small and one big, for my “donut”.  You could use a plate or other round object.

Styrocutter Tutorial

Cut along the outlines with your Styro Cutter Plus®, like I showed you in my faux pallet flag post.

Deco Mesh Wreath

Wrap your wreath with the burlap garland.  This is to have brown instead of stark white showing through in any gaps that may remain after rosettes are added, as well as to give hot glue something to adhere to.

Make a rosette wreath

Once entirely wrapped, cut burlap from roll and hot glue in place on back of wreath.

How to make a spiral rosette

Cut a 1.5 inch strip of orange Deco Mesh about 10 inches long.  Twist into spiral shape from center towards the outside to make the rosette.

How to make fabric rosettes

Hot glue rosettes onto wreath form until it is covered.

DIY Halloween Wreath

Hot glue black wire ribbon or burlap to the back and secure on nail to hang.

There are tons of ways to use these products in y0ur fall decor.  Make sure to visit Crafts n’ Coffee to stay up to date on products and project ideas!

Easy No Carve Pumpkin Decor

[pinit]Martha Stewart Halloween Decor[pinit]

If you want a quick, easy, no carve way to decorate your pumpkins, Martha Stewart Pumpkin Sleeves are a great solution.  They come in a pack of three and take 2 minutes to put on the pumpkin.  I love the lacy look, and the cute skulls and spiders with webs.  There is a drawstring at the top to cinch everything up around the pumpkin stem for that nice, finished Martha look!

DIY Halloween Decor

I love them.  I didn’t have a small enough pumpkin to use the smallest sleeve, but you can bet I will!

Easy DIY Halloween Decor

More Halloween Inspiration?  Check out what we’ve got!

Halloween Paper Ornament Tree

#Halloween #DIY Tree and paper sphere ornaments @savedbyloves


Grab a limb from your back yard and you are on your way to creating this fun Halloween tree with paper ornaments.  This project is super easy, cheap and cute. It came about as I was trying to think of a way to use up my Halloween patterned scrapbook paper.

I was going to make them into paper pumpkins, then decided they would cute as ornaments.  Here is how to make your own.



Black spray paint

Bottle or other vase


Circle punch or dies in various sizes

glue stick

Craft wire (20 or 22 gauge)

Wire cutters, flat nose and round nose pliers



Spray paint branch and set aside to dry.  Once dry, place in bottle or planter, with pebbles or other filler to steady and hold branch in place.

Make the ornaments like I showed you in this paper sphere garland tutorial.  Instead of stringing them as garland, string them each on their own wire, with a bead at the top and bottom as shown in the image.

#Halloween #DIY Tree and paper sphere ornaments @savedbyloves

#Halloween #DIY Tree and paper sphere ornaments @savedbyloves

Hang your ornaments on your tree and that is it!  I think I will just keep this tree around and change it’s decor to go with the seasons.  If you want to see more crafting with nature supplies, there is a 50+ for that.  Click the thumbnail below:

Guest Post: 20 Ways to Reuse Old Bed Sheets


20+ Bed Sheet #Repurpose Ideas @savedbyloves


In these times of economic uncertainty, it is more important than ever to get creative. Instead of throwing something away, it is time to reuse it, recycle it, and make it into something new. That shoe box? A great place to hold your stationary. Those dried up mushrooms? Perfect to make a mushroom stock for cooking. There is almost nothing out there that cannot be turned to a better use. Old bed sheets may seem like they should be thrown away, but that is thinking inside the box. Instead of tossing them, put them to better use. Here are twenty ideas to get you started, but feel free to do something entirely different!

1. It’s almost Halloween so that means you can turn your bed sheets into a costume, one of the oldest, most well recognized costumes out there: Make yourself into a ghost!

20+ Bed Sheet #Repurpose Ideas @savedbyloves
Source: www.cafemom.com

2. If a ghost sounds too scary for you, think about creating a toga. Throw a Halloween toga party and invite all your friends! Or throw a toga party any other time of year. Great step-by-step instructions here: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Toga-out-of-a-Bedsheet

20+ Bed Sheet #Repurpose Ideas @savedbyloves
Source: www.wikihow.com

3. Make some aprons for yourself – they are meant to get dirty anyway, so why not use some old bed sheets to make them!

20+ Bed Sheet #Repurpose Ideas @savedbyloves
Source: www.craftyminx.com

4. Turn your old bed sheets into curtains for your windows. If you have patterns, use them to get even more creative! Cut out shapes and sew them on. Check out this handy tutorial from Fun Frugal Mom.


5. Cut up your old bed sheets and use them as cleaning rags. This is doubly good for the environment because it saves the sheets and stops you from using paper towels.

6. Use your sheets to line your pet’s crate – they might be too old for your use, but your dog won’t mind.

7. Store your old sheets in your car trunk so that you will always have them on hand for impromptu picnics!

20+ Bed Sheet #Repurpose Ideas @savedbyloves
Source: www.blog.babble.com

8. Use the sheets as drop cloths for your next painting or other messy creative project to protect the floor.

 9. Donate your sheets to a local charity. They are probably less picky than you are and won’t mind that they are old as long as they are clean!

10. Save your sheets to use in the winter to cover plants and protect them from frost.

11. Cover furniture in unused rooms in your house. The sheet will protect the furniture from accumulating dust, so you don’t have to keep cleaning it.

12. Turn the old sheet into a tote bag. Use it at the grocery store instead of a plastic disposable one. Check out this helpful tutorial from Craft Stylish.


13. Build a tent in your living room! Or make it a teepee and teach your kids about Native Americans.

20+ Bed Sheet #Repurpose Ideas @savedbyloves
Source: www.thesoho.blogspot.com

14. Transform the bed sheet into a bed skirt!

15. Make a rag rug – it never goes out of fashion to be frugal! My favorite design is this one from the lovely Elizabeth Anne. http://www.elizabethannedesigns.com/living/2009/04/09/craft-braided-rag-rug/

 20+ Bed Sheet #Repurpose Ideas @savedbyloves

16. Use the sheet for a skirt for your Christmas tree – holiday season is just around the corner after all!

17. If only part of the sheet is damaged and the rest is in good condition, turn it into a pillow case.

18.  If your sewing skills are just basic ones, turn the sheet into a new laundry bag – it is one of the easiest sewing projects out there!

20+ Bed Sheet #Repurpose Ideas @savedbyloves
Source: www.ihavetosay.typepad.com

19.  Make a new cover for your ironing board. It will make ironing feel less like a chore if your ironing board is covered in a funky new pattern.

20.  Use the least faded parts of the sheets to make a cover for a bulletin board. You can still pin anything you want on top of it, but now the background is more fun thank plain old cork.

About the Author: Elena Morgan is a thrifty, DIY mom, committed to making the world a better place through recycling. When she’s not repurposing household items, you can find Elena reviewing bedding, furniture and home décor. Click here see some products she recommends!

Book Page Pumpkin Patch

Make book page pumpkins @savedbyloves #papercraft #pumpkin #Halloween #Fal #DIY #upcycle


Today I am sharing with you a great eco-friendly project for you fall decor, using old book pages or music sheets.  It came to mind when I ran across this paper sphere garland I shared with you last year…

The process is pretty quick and easy.  Here is how I did it.

Make book page pumpkins @savedbyloves #papercraft #pumpkin #Halloween #Fall #DIY #upcycle


Book Pages

Pumpkin shape die, or paper punch, or template to trace onto pages and hand cut

Craft glue


Raffia or Ribbon


Cut pumpkin shapes with your die cutter or by hand.  I used 16-20 per 3D pumpkin. You could also use an oval shape if you don’t have a pumpkin die.

Fold down center and glue halves back to back like I showed you with the sphere garland:


When all of your 16 shapes are glued together, adhere the last and first pumpkins to complete the 3D pumpkin.  There will be a hole in the center for you to place a stick for the stem.  Add a line of glue along the stick to secure in place.  Embellish with raffia, ribbon, leaves, or beads as desired.

Make book page pumpkins @savedbyloves #papercraft #pumpkin #Halloween #Fall #DIY #upcycle

Make book page pumpkins @savedbyloves #papercraft #pumpkin #Halloween #Fall #DIY #upcycle

Make book page pumpkins @savedbyloves #papercraft #pumpkin #Halloween #Fall #DIY #upcycle

You could use them on your Thanksgiving table scape as place cards, or as part of a centerpiece.  Instead of a stick use wire & create a loop at the top of the stem.  Use the loop to thread your pumpkins on string for beautiful harvest garland.

Make a Book Page Halloween Banner

#HalloweenDIY Book Page Garland #DIY #recycled @savedbyloves


Halloween is my absolute favorite crafty time of year.  That is why I was delighted when I unexpectedly got the book, Artful Halloween by Susan Wasinger in the mail.  This publication is filled with 31 fantastic Halloween projects, detailed in step by step, easy to follow photo tutorials.  There is a wonderful section with 10 pumpkin decorating projects that will add a touch of elegance to your Halloween decor.  At $7.55, this book is a must have in your inspiration arsenal.  Here, you will see how I made this spooky book page garland, following Susan’s tips, using graphics included in the book as well as a couple from the beloved Graphics Fairy!

Halloween Book Page Garland from Artful Halloween


Artful Halloween by Susan Wasinger

Glossy Accents or glue stick

Black string


Creepy graphics from the book or Graphics Fairy Halloween Images

Old book pages


I placed my pages about 1/2 inch apart on the string, per Susan’s suggestion.  You could spread them out for a sparser look, or to make the garland longer.  I used 9 pages to fit my fireplace mantel.  Susan recommends one foot of string one each end for hanging the garland.

#HalloweenDIY Book Page Garland #DIY #recycled @savedbyloves

I love my garland, and it is super simple, cheap, and fast to make.  I want to do like 30 more of the projects in that book.  You still have time to order it and get your Halloween decor on in style!

#HalloweenDIY Book Page Garland #DIY #recycled @savedbyloves

Make a Pumpkin Witch

#HalloweenDIY #outdoor decor; make this easy, adorable pumpkin witch @savedbyloves

It is time for some outdoor Halloween decor fun.  Last year, I shared with you this harvest bomb.  We surprise decorated my stepdaughter’s house for fall.  We are at it again this year, which is where the pumpkin witch idea was born.  I kinda want to keep her, but that defeats the entire purpose, right?  Read on to see how to make your own!

#HalloweenDIY #outdoor decor; make this easy, adorable pumpkin witch @savedbyloves


Witch Shoes – found on clearance at Michaels

Black vacuum attachment tube, or other tube to fit in shoes

White duct tape for stripes on black “legs”

E6000 industrial glue

Plastic pumpkin, medium size

Martha Stewart Pumpkin Transfers

Witch hat – purchased with hair attached at Walmart for $1.97

#HalloweenDIY #outdoor decor; make this easy, adorable pumpkin witch @savedbyloves


#HalloweenDIY #outdoor decor; make this easy, adorable pumpkin witch @savedbyloves

Super easy!  I can’t wait to complete the Halloween/Harvest bomb and show you the full reveal.  I love her…

#HalloweenDIY #outdoor decor; make this easy, adorable pumpkin witch @savedbyloves

#HalloweenDIY #outdoor decor; make this easy, adorable pumpkin witch @savedbyloves

Plastic Bottle Kid Safe Trick or Treat Lantern

Make a kid safe plastic bottle #HalloweenDIY lantern for trick or treating by Supermom Moments, featured @savedbyloves

Bettijo at Supermom Moments teaches you how to create this cute, kid safe lantern for your kids to take trick or treating.  What a great way to keep the evening illuminated.  The idea came from mason jar lanterns, but uses plastic jars so the kids aren’t running around with glass.  Brilliant!

Make a Vase From a Pumpkin

Make a vase from a pumpkin for your #FallDecor #centerpiece by 52 Weeks project, featured @savedbyloves

How fun is this pumpkin vase spied over at 52 Weeks Project?  According to the creator Rachel, the project can be done in an hour, dry time and all.  Head over to see how she created this gorgeous fall centerpiece.  I just so happened to have picked up a white pumpkin yesterday.  It is going to be upgraded from the porch to the kitchen table soon thanks to this inspiration!

Black Licorice Wreath DIY

Make a #HalloweenDIY Wreath from Licorice and paint chips @savedbyloves

This project began as an idea I had to create a Halloween wreath from black jelly beans.  I couldn’t find any of those, and ust when I was about to abandon the plan, I spotted these little black licorice bites at the dollar store.  The rest of the story is pretty self explanatory.  I cut a wreath form from cardboard like I showed you in this fall wreath tutorial.

Make a #HalloweenDIY Wreath from Licorice and paint chips @savedbyloves

To adhere the licorice, I began, admittedly, with a hot glue gun.  Um…no.  That was not my smartest moment.  As you can imagine, the glue melted the candy, and no adherence occurred.  I then tried tacky glue, which also reacted with the candy and didn’t stick.  Finally, I went for super glue.  That did the trick!

Make a #HalloweenDIY #Wreath from Licorice and paint chips @savedbyloves

The flower I made from orange paint chips, using the Sizzix Create a Bow Die.  I used super glue to adhere it to the wreath.  The hanging mechanism is a fabric scrap I had left over from another project.

Make a #HalloweenDIY #Wreath from Licorice and paint chips @savedbyloves

I’m happy with my wreath, and at $4 total, it’s completely affordable.  What do you think?  Are there black jelly beans where you live?  I think those would have been easier to glue.

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