Polymer Clay Backed Glass Tile Pendant Tutorial

I love the look of glass tile pendants, but not so much the lack of backing. Most tutorials I have found have you seal back of the paper with whatever adhesive you used on the image to stick it on the glass tile. That leaves you attaching a bail to the sealed paper backing. I made one of these and the pendant bail tore the paper and came off of the piece after about a week. Bummer. How is the bail supposed to stay on there without a strong surface to anchor it? I knew there must be a better way. Check out my polymer clay backed glass tile pendant tutorial!

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Polymer Clay Drawer Pull Tutorial

As promised in yesterday’s post, here is a step by step on remaking old draw pulls using polymer clay. I am showing you how to mold a sheet of clay around an entire knob, as well as a polymer clay flower attached to the top of a metal knob. Both completely change the look, and are fast and simple. No clay experience necessary. Lets go…

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Mosaic Trinket Box Tutorial

Of all the things I enjoy about winter melting into spring, the return of garage sales is one of my favorites.  Check out this jewelry box I snatched up for a measly $2 and transformed with some paint and mosaic tiles.  This tutorial will cover the basic mosaic process as well as making tiles out of polymer clay.

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