Polymer Clay Drawer Pull Tutorial

As promised in yesterday’s post, here is a step by step on remaking old draw pulls using polymer clay. I am showing you how to mold a sheet of clay around an entire knob, as well as a polymer clay flower attached to the top of a metal knob. Both completely change the look, and are fast and simple. No clay experience necessary. Lets go…


  • Old drawer pull or knob
  • Polymer clay in your choice of color
  • Clay blade
  • Pasta machine or acrylic roller
  • Texture stamp or other means to add texture
  • Flower mold


  • Condition your clay and flatten into sheet with your pasta machine, brayer or acrylic roller.   I used a thickness setting of 4 on my sculpey pasta machine.  Place the sheet over the knob to be covered.

  • Press the excess clay toward the end of the pull.
  • Continue smoothing excess clay with your fingers and trim away with clay blade or craft knife.  Repeat until your are satisfied with the shape of the clay around the knob.

  • Finished knob;   At this point,  you can hide fingerprints and dents in clay by adding texture to your knob with a stamp or texture sheet.  Then just bake per clay instructions (usually 25 min at 275).

Here it is all attached!

Check out this old metal knob I covered with a polymer clay flower.  I used a candy mold I picked up at a garage sale to make the flower.  Then I put a dab of translucent liquid sculpey on the knob to adhere the flower.  Knob and all goes in the oven… that’s it!  A great, thrifty way to refresh your furniture.

Any hardware restoration tricks you want to share? I would love to hear.

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