Vinyl Wall Happiness; Frugal & Fast, With Flair


I found another cheap solution to my barren wall space. I haven’t lived in this house for long, and spent the first few months here painting walls and getting settled. You know I am a fan of vinyl wall decor if you have read this post, this one or this one… I could go on for awhile.

I am a big proponent of cutting my own designs with my Cricute, however, this deal at Joanne’s was just too good to pass up. I love the text, with its inspirational message. Not to mention the 3D embellishment butterflies. The colors coordinate perfectly with my living room. The price tag… less than $15 with my Joanne’s 40% off coupon. Can’t beat it. It would cost me a few dollars for the vinyl to cut it myself, and with the time investment it would take, $15 wins! A great way to bring an element of style to your home on a budget! 

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