FREE Download: SVG Cricut Cut Files

Here is my first freebie SVG cricut cut file. I used 12×24 sheets of vinyl in dark green, which can be found here for $1.89 per 12×24 inch sheet. I just measured the room and figured out how many sheets to order to be able to cover the perimeter with the grass silhouette. Here is the downloadable file for you to use in Sure Cuts A lot to cut on your cricut. It will look like this…

You can scale it to your desired size in Sure Cuts A lot (SCAL). The left and right ends aren’t made to perfectly match when alternated around the room, but they lined up fine. It was pretty easy since there are so many blades of grass randomly protruding here and there. One thing to keep in mind… I cut mine at at height of 9 inches in 24 in long sheets. Being as detailed as the silhouette is, it took my Cricut Expression about 25 minutes to cut each 2 foot sheet. At 20 sheets to cover the room, this was timely, but TOTALLY worth it. I love the outcome.
What? Did you say you don’t have a cricut? So glad you mentioned that. It just so happens you can enter my Cricut Create Electronic Cutter giveaway. Just click the link below for details.
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