Vinyl Wall Art Cut With Cricut;And a Freebie Cut File Download!

Still working on the nursery. I showed you the grass in this post, and provided the .svg cut file to use with Sure Cuts A lot and Cricut. That post also tells you where to get the 12×24 inch vinyl sheets. Now the palm trees… I had a problem cutting the trunks in segments to the right scale so that each piece aligned correctly. Since I wanted the trunks taller than 2 ft, and cricut’s max is 12×24 inches, I had to do these in pieces. In photoshop, it is a sinch to cut an object into pieces that will fit together, but I couldn’t figure out how to scale in SCAL. If you know, please, do tell! I didn’t obsess about it too much since the trunks are very simple and I knew I could just draw on the backing of the vinly sheet and cut with scissors.

The leaves were easier because I was able to fit each leaf on the 12×24 vinyl sheet. I designed them in photoshop, saved them as jpg and opened them in SCAL, scaling them to what I thought would look good. I knew I wanted 6 leaves per tree, so I made six leaf shapes and cut out 3 sets of the 6 since I was doing 3 trees.
Here are the 6 free downloadable files in one compressed download, or you can just choose individuals below…
6 Individual Palm Leaves:
Leaf 1 View Download
Leaf 2 View Download
Leaf 3 View Download
Leaf 4 View Download
Leaf 5 View Download
Leaf 6 View Download
There are 6 separate .svg leaf files, numbered 1-6. In the above pics, leaf one is the bottom left and they go in order clockwise. Or you can put them in any order you want. Go for it. Maybe you only want 5 leaves on your tree. Play around. Have fun. If you don’t have a Cricut, don’t miss out on your chance to win a free one by entering my Cricut Electronic Cutter Giveaway, here.
I will be posting much better pics once the nursery is completely finished. The best thing about this wall art is that it is super easily removable, and reposition-able. I am hooked. Enter the giveaway!!!

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