Upcycled: Magazine Page Rose Ring

It was only a matter of time before I combined my Sizzix obsession with magazine pages.  I was hesitant because the pages are so easily torn and flimsy if not coated with decoupage medium.  I didn't really want to run that through my machine.  It hit me that I could laminate the pages with clear … [Read more...]

Haylie’s Handmade – Crochet Meets Compassion

This is one of the most exciting features I have been blessed to share with you here at SBLC.  My family and I headed out for some Saturday morning garage sales and our very first stop was quite the treat.  We happened to spy a sign that said craft sale, so we tracked down the address, and here is … [Read more...]

Tulip Tye Dye

Tie dye has come a long way in simplicity and technique over the years.  Until this project, I hadn't played with tie dye since childhood, and I remember it being a huge mess.  Wasn't there something about boiling water, and dying in the washer?  Isn't that only for t-shirts?  That is why I was a … [Read more...]

Glass Tile Pendant Tutorial With Tips and Images

Today, I am happy to share with you a glass tile pendant tutorial from Irina at Irina's Cute Box.  These tutorials are abundant in the creative blog world.  Irina shares her version incorporating a bezel setting.  She uses the same jewelry component supplier as I do, Sun and Moon Kits on Etsy.  … [Read more...]

DIY Name Art Under $10

I was asked to make wall art incorporating the name Morris, and I remembered a photo letter art project from around Christmas time by Shanty 2 Chic.  Here is my version, inspired by the lovely tutorial from Whitney!  I made it using a piece of hardboard left over from another project, 6 Dollar Tree … [Read more...]

Under $10; Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Make

[pinit] [pinit] Mother's Day is rapidly approaching. I gathered up some great handmade gift ideas with mom in mind, that you can make yourself for under $10. With jewelry, photo, spa and home gifts to choose from, you will find something just perfect for your mom and she will love that you made … [Read more...]

Sizzix Cut & Embossed Painted Can Flower

Here is a cool Mother's Day gift idea.  This gorgeous flower pendant is made from an aluminum can and a copper rivet joining the 3 layers.  It really couldn't be simpler or less expensive.  Mom will love it's uniqueness.  You can paint it to suit her tastes and she will have a heartfelt, handmade … [Read more...]

Needle Felt Jewelry

Inspired by this week's felt project round-up, I gave needle felt jewelry a go.  I played with this briefly to add dots to this felt mushroom a couple of years back, so am a novice to this technique.  It is very easy to pick up, and pretty quick for small jewelry projects like this. As with most … [Read more...]

60+ Projects You Can Make With Felt

This was quite a surprising round-up to put together.  I guess I thought of felt as a winter craft supply, but not so.  Spring and summer projects everywhere are using the stuff.  With needle felting, you can easily "paint" in 3D with roving wool, creating anything you can think of.   Or grab some … [Read more...]

Monogram With Recycled Plastic & Paper Die Cut Flowers

Easily make flowers from plastic packaging and old greeting cards!  Now that I have entered the world of Sizzix, no material is safe from getting cut.  This project is all thanks to my friend Amy, of Plucking Daisies.  I inquired about Kraft core paper used in one of her projects.  The next thing I … [Read more...]