Easy Peasy Wire Wrap Ring Tutorial

Wire Wrap Ring

As promised, here is the wire wrap ring I made to go with the orange paper bead bracelet I showed in yesterday’s post.  I was skeptical when I found the tutorial that promised this project would be doable by anyone, super easy.  It turned out to be just that!  I have never made a wire wrap ring, and this one I made on the first attempt, in under 5 minutes.  I used a paper bead I had made previously, but you can used whatever you have.  The tutorial recommends 8mm round, but my barrel shaped, big ol’ bead worked fine.  So, check out this truly simple wire wrap ring tutorial with stunning results from Lytha Studios!

How to Wire Wrap Jewelry

Note:  If you are using a bigger bead like I did, add a couple of inches to the wire length.

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