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Washi Tape Neon Flower Wreath DIY

Neon Fabric Flower Washi Tape Wreath Tutorial at

Washi tape + flowers die cut from burlap, a neon t-shirt, neon posterboard and socks… now that is one super trendy wreath!  I found a pack of neon washi tape rolls at Target and snatched them up right away.  This project is super easy and cheap.  I love it on my front door, especially with the neon planters.  So cute.  Grab some Goodwill t-shirts and do what I did.


Washi tape

Beacon Fabri-Tac glue

Pearlized ball pins (optional)

Mod Podge Super Hi-Shine

Die cut or hand cut flowers from burlap and old t-shirts

Sizzix 3-D Flower Wrapped Die

Sizzix 3D Wrapped Flower Layers Die


To see how I put the die cut layers together to form the finished 3-D flower, see my quick video:

Cuttlebug Die Cut Daisy T-shirt Wreath

How to make Cricut Paper Daisies Embellishments; Video Tutorial from Saved By Love Creations

Make these fun paper daisies to adorn cards, wreaths, and more with a  Cricut Cuttlebug Daisy Die kit and a Sizzix Tim Holtz Vagabond.  These flowers are made from AstroBrights paper, warm variety.  The wreath is made by wrapping strips of old T-shirt around a wreath form.   Click to see the original “T-shirt Wreath Tutorial“. I used Mod Podge 3D adhesive mounts to stick the flowers to the wreath.  This video shows the making of the flowers.  Enjoy!

How to make Cricut Paper Daisies Embellishments; Video Tutorial from


Patriotic Washi Tape Felt Flower Wreath

Washi Tape Patriotic Wreath DIY

This is the first time I have used washi tape, and now I understand the hype surrounding it.  It is very forgiving and re-positionable, comes in tons of prints and colors, and is inexpensive.  I found the tape used in this wreath in the office supply section at Target, where it costs $4 for a pack with four rolls of coordinating tape.

Here is how I did it:

Washi Tape Crafts

I wrapped the wreath form (which I will never purchase again now that I know about the pool noodle option) with navy blue and polka dot tape as shown.

Washi Tape Wreath DIY

I cut the flowers from felt using my best friend, Sizzix.  Pearl ball straight pins hold them in place.

I wrapped bakers twine around a small segment of the wreath and taped the ends on the back side.

The USA bunting was an add on, since it need a little something more.  See…

Summer Wreath Ideas

I used a sizzix to die cut the trianges and letters.

Now with “USA”…

Make a Patriotic Wreath

Washi Tape Wreath DIY

I love it!

Spring T-Shirt & Paper Rose Wreath

Spring wreath DIY

What to do with all those paper roses I have been showing you?  How about a T-shirt paper rose wreath?  Remember this t-shirt wreath from winter? I stripped it down to just the shirt covered wreath form and added a burlap bow and 3 paper roses.


This is a great basic wreath to embellish for every season.  And don’t forget all the other things you can do with those old t-shirts…

Easy Red Rose Valentines Wreath

Easy Valentine's Day Wreath DIY

Need a g0rgeous Valentine’s Day wreath you can make in no time?  Hot glue some roses onto a heart shaped wreath form, or a cardboard heart shape, and embellish with ribbon and sparkly fibers.  Top it off with a pink glittery heart and a piece of ribbon to hang.  You are finished!

Easy Valentine's Day Wreath DIY

How to make a wreath

How to make a wreath

Valetine’s Day Wreath From Coffee Stained Flowers

How to make a wreathI had a gift certificate for Joann’s and wanted to make a Valentine’s Day wreath, so off I went to see what inspired me from the store.  I found white flowers in the bridal section, and a heart shaped wreath form in floral.  I also spotted this adorable vintage graphics heart decor piece that I had to snatch up for under $3.  I got them all home, and decided the white was too white.  I needed an aged look, so I put the flowers in a shallow pan and poured coffee over them.  I let that sit for a few, then spread them out on wax paper to dry.

Valentine's Day decorations

Once they were dry, I just stuck them to the wreath form with my hot glue gun.  I arranged my new wreath and the decorative vintage image heart from Joann’s with a wide red ribbon, and that is that!

Valentine's Day decorations

I love it!  It is a nice change from the t-shirt wreath I had up before.  I think cupid is smiling.

Valentine's Day decorations

DIY Wreath

Valentine's Day decorations

Valentine's Day decorations

T-shirt Wreath DIY

How to make Christmas Wreath

This project is quite simple, inexpensive, and green.  Who doesn’t love repurposing old rags into festive holiday decor?  Raid the closet or the local thrift stores for your favorite colored cotton T’s and join me in my very first upcycled T-shirt craft!


  • T-shirt strips
  • Wreath form
  • Embellishments of your choice


  • I used my rotary cutter and a straight edge to cut thin strips of t-shirt.  They don’t have to be perfect.  Fabric scissors would be fine too.

Recycled T-shirt crafts

  • Begin wrapping the strips around the wreath form.  When you get to the end of a strip, join a new strip by tying the 2 ends in a simple knot.  I pulled and repositioned the strips so that the knots were all on what would be the back of the wreath (see below).

How to make wreaths

How to make wreaths

  • Tie a ribbon or other hanging mechanism and embellish as desired.  I used a fleece scarf from the dollar tree to hang this wreath.  For the bunting, I paper punched scrapbook paper and adhered it to twine with glue.  The letters came from Wal Mart.  I painted them silver and adhered them with hot glue.

How to make wreaths

That is it!  Are you using old t-shirts in your crafts?  I have seen some amazing projects on pinterst.

Fall Burlap Wreath DIY

How to Make a Wreath

Who can get enough of burlap these days?  There are so many fabulous fall wreaths out there incorporating the versatile fabric.  I snatched up a roll of burlap garland at a garage sale awhile back, and used it to make this quick and easy fall wreath.  Grab a wire hanger and craft your very own.


  • Roll of “burlap garland”.  Not sure exact yardage on this one.  Also not sure where you can buy it since I got it at a yard sale.
  • Wire hanger
  • Flower embellishments of your choice
  • Ribbon to hang wreath

How to Make a Wreath


  • Clip the coils and hook of the hanger and shape the remaining wire into a circle, as best you can.  Mine was far from perfect, and my wreath looks good.

How to Make a Wreath

How to Make a Wreath

  • Next, fold the burlap every couple of inches to make a ruffle, and stick the hanger through the stack of ruffles.
  • How to Make a WreathWhen it is as full as you want, twist the wire ends around one another and tuck them behind the ruffles to hide them.
  • Hot glue flowers of your choice.  I used some scrapbook embellishment paper flowers and a felt flower.  Tie your ribbon at the top and that is that!

How to Make a Wreath

Fall Dollar Tree Wreath

FallWreathDIY8 (1)

*This is a repost.  Bringing it back cause it is that time of year, and fall is in the air today.  Are you ready to decorate, harvest style?

I spent $9 at the Dollar Tree and made this harvest wreath for my front door. I got the inspiration after googling “fall decor ideas” and running across this post over at House of Hepworths. I put my own lil’ spin on it. Here is what i did…

6 assorted floral leaf packs
1 18 inch garland wreath
1 package fall centerpiece decor variety (three pictured here, but only used one for
wreath – you will see the other 2 soon enough)
Add it up – $9!!
I used some organza I had on hand to tame down the green garland, which i wasn’t real fond of, but it was all I had to choose from at Dollar Tree. I just wrapped it all the way around the wreath, cut it, and secured it with a dot of hot glue.

Next, I began tearing apart my florals and hot gluing them around my wreath, onto the organza fabric. I cut small holes in the fabric to stick stems in for extra security, but I am pretty sure the hot glue would have sufficed.

Once I was satisfied with the fullness and balance, I hung it from a hook with a piece of lovely orange ribbon I had on hand.

I love how this turned out. It was easy and cheap, just the way I like it. Yep, I just typed that sentence. Wow. Anyway, it was a perfectly beautiful fall day, as I put this together on my front porch, belly full of homemade turkey chili.

Crepe Paper Rosette Wreath DIY

Crepe Paper Rosette Wreath

Rosette paper wreaths are a beautiful addition to about any decor style, and couldn’t be simpler to create.  They could be faster to create, but they are easy.  Set aside a good chunk of time, settle in with your hot glue gun, streamers and a good (long) movie and start twisting.  Below are some tips and tricks I learned along the way…


  • Hot glue gun with plenty of sticks
  • Crepe Paper in color of your choice
  • Scissors
  • A wreath form – here I used an old photo matte 16×20 inches with 8×10 opening
  • Ribbon for hanging mechanism

Crepe Paper Rosette WreathInstructions:

  • Wrap your wreath form completely with the crepe paper (streamer roll).  This prevents white from showing through and is only necessary if your wreath form and paper are contrasting colors.  This step is optional, but I don’t like the white peaking through.
  • Crepe Paper Rosette WreathTie your ribbon hanging mechanism on the wreath form.  You will cover it with rosettes to conceal it later.Crepe Paper Rosette Wreath
  • Cut strips of crepe paper to make your rosettes.  I cut them to about 30 inches.  Make a big ol’ pile cause you are gonna need them.  I am not exaggerating when I say this project took a good 6 hours of work.  Obviously it will depend on what size you make your wreath, but plan on devoting a day, or breaking the project up over several days.  Otherwise, you will be writing a post at 10:30 pm that you had hoped would be published a good 10 hours ago.  Ask me how I know… Anyway, here is the tutorial I followed for the rosettes, over at Eat Pray Love & Craft.  I ended up throwing my first few attempts away, but caught on pretty quickly.  I made a few at a time, then glued them onto the wreath.  MANY hours later, this I had my lovely finished wreath.

Crepe Paper Rosette Tutorial

Crepe Paper Rosette Wreath


My original plan was to cut a black vinyl monogram using my cricut.  Not gonna happen today, but look how cute this framed pic looks inside.

Crepe Paper Rosette Wreath

I absolutely love it.  At $5 in crepe paper and supplies I had on hand, I can’t complain Would I do it again?  Not soon.  Maybe a smaller version, after my hot glue charred fingertips heal!  What are your favorite DIY wreaths?

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