Video Tutorial: Braided Bead Bracelet

Modern Bracelet Tutorial

Want to make a simple, modern bracelet with tons of possible variations?  Join me in this quick video tutorial that involves braiding with beads.  You will have a fun arm party going in no time.  I have made dozens of these using different cording and bead shapes/sizes.  Let your imagination run wild and make this project fit your style!  Enjoy my second ever video.

Hope you enjoyed the video.  If you want more bracelets to make, make sure to check out the 50+ (and growing) roundup by clicking the thumbnail:

50+ (& growing) Bracelets to Make

over 60 DIY Bracelets to make from @savedbyloves

The bracelet mania has crept into our 50+ round-ups here at Saved By Love Creations.  You will see a few I have made, and a ton that inspire me.  I hope you enjoy these projects and this round-up as much as I have enjoyed compiling it.  I would love to chat more, but there are bracelets to be made and bare wrists to be adorned.



Video Tutorial: Make your own Tube Bead Bracelets

How to Make Easy Bracelets with Tube Beads

These posts I showed you a couple of weeks back featuring Honestly WTF’s bracelet tutorial finally made it from my “To Do” list to my “I made that” list.  What is even better about it is that I made my first ever video.  I am not saying it will be nominated for an oscar, or that my hands weren’t in the way to an annoying degree, but I finally broke that “make a video” barrier.  You will love this project.  Just slip the gold tube beads onto the cord, then you make the adjustable macrame closure I show you in the video.

DIY Macrame Knot Adjustable Bracelet

Honestly WTF used chinese knotting cord (1mm), which I didn’t have, so I hit Joann’s and Michaels for 1mm cord of my own.  I found the gold tube beads at Hobby Lobby, a package of 8 for $1.47.  I also found the gold spacer beads at Hobby Lobby, but you can find gold beads anywhere.


DIY Macrame Adjustable Knot Video


Add Gold Spacer beads to ends before knotting for additional flair!
DIY Gold Tube Bracelets
For how I made the baby blue macrame ring bracelet (also learned at Honestly WTF), see this post.

DIY: Polymer Clay Necklace Inspired by Anthropologie

Polymer Clay Bead Necklace Tutorial

If you have never used polymer clay, this is a great project to get your feet wet.  I love the stuff, and was inspired recently to create these necklaces by the popular Anthropologie ball beaded piece.  I added my own twist of ombre color gradation and bead size gradation.  I also went for a simple chain instead of a ribbon. The pearl finish was accomplished in one easy step that glazes creates the pearl effect, using Mod Podge Pearlized Glaze.

Polymer clay is a perfect medium to create reproducible color gradient beads.  You will see in the tutorial, I just rolled out white and blue (or corral for that version) to the same thickness in my pasta machine.  Then I used a cookie cutter to cut 5 triangles of the main color for the central bead.  The two adjacent beads are a mix of 3 main color and one white triangle.  The next is lighter and smaller still, using 2 triangles of main color and 1 of white.  You can use any recipe you want, just keep track of it, especially if you are making more than one of the bead in that size and color.  This will make more sense when you see pics!

Polymer Clay Gumball Necklace


Pasta machine

Baby wipes (clean hands between handling different colors of clay)

Polymer clay in color and white (I used Fimo Soft)

Cookie cutter

Tile or baking tray

Dremel or other drill

Drill press or rice bags

Mod Podge Pearl Glaze or finish of choice

toothpicks and Styrofoam

Antiqued gold metal chain or cording of choice


Polymer Clay Necklace Tutorial

For drilling, hold beads steady vice or bags of rice.  Wear protective eye gear!

Anthro Inspired Polymer Clay Necklace

Polymer Clay Ombre Bracelet DIY

Grab some clay and create your own gumball ombre jewelry!

5 Strand Beaded Necklace

Seed Bead Toggle Clasp

What is more beautiful than a multi-strand beaded necklace?  I would make these all of the time if my schedule allowed, but they are time consuming.  For this piece, I made my own toggle clasp using a technique I learned in Creative Beading Vol. 1, a book that I highly recommend if you are wanting to step up your bead weaving.  I will never get through all the projects in there, but every time I have tackled one, I have loved the outcome.

So what do you think?

Seed Bead Necklace

Paper Bead Bracelets and Amazon $75 Winner

Upcycled JewelryHere are some new paper bead bracelets like I shared with you in this post.  If you are new to recycled paper jewelry, you will find a great video link there.  These simple woven bracelets are a big hit.

Recycled Paper Bead Bracelets
Tune in tomorrow to see how I made a matching paper bead wire wrap ring!

And now, for the $75 Amazon winner from this week’s Thrifty Thursday

Amazon Gift Card GiveawayABBIE!  Entry #64, comment #9, you are the winner.  I have emailed your voucher.  Congrats!

Glue Free, Drill Free Way to Hang Pendants

How to make a pendant bail

Making a wire wrap bail  is a decorative, inexpensive way to attach pendants that eliminates the need for messy glue-on bails and hole drilling.  The look is intricate and ornate, and can be achieved quite simply with a few basic jewelry supplies.  This is a perfect way to bail glass tile and domino pendants.


Supplies for wire wrapping pendant

How to wire wrap a pendant

making a pendant bail

How to make a pendant bail

How to attach domino pendant

Glass tile pendant bails

The wire isn’t shaped to the edges very well in the above demonstration.  Make sure to keep it snug against the piece, like it is holding the pendant together.

Glass tile pendant bails

How to make pendant bail

How to attach pendant to chain

Use pliers to tuck in the cut ends.  Sometimes I file them when they aren’t flush.

It is as simple as that.  Now add a jumpring and your pendant is ready to hang, with fancy pants wire work to boot…

Here is what it looks like on the back…

Glass tile pendant bails

Here, I used the wire wrap method on pre-drilled dominoes with horizontal holes.  It is the same process, but you take the wire to the back through the hole so the wire only frames the top and runs horizontally through the middle.

domino pendant tutorial

domino pendant tutorial

Glass tile pendant tips

attaching domino to necklace

Some 1 inch glass tiles wrapped…

Serenity Prayer Glass Tile Pendant

Spiritual Glass Tile Pendant

Now you are ready to practice your mad wire wrapping skills.  If you try this, share pictures.  I love seeing what you have done!

Triple Strand Beaded Domino Pendants

There is nothing quite like multiple strands of seed beads to compliment a special pendant.  I don’t usually take the time to bead, but these domino pendants inspired me to bust out my stash and get busy.  Fast forward 5 hours of stringing these tiny things and I have two finished pieces…’

Seed bead necklace

beading projects

Bead stringing necklace project

how to make seed bead necklace

It is a nice change from pairing pendants with a simple silver snake chain, which is what I normally do with dominoes.  I am not much of a jewelry designer, as far as putting together beaded strings with a focal pendant, but you can’t really go wrong with this simple triple strand design to display your focal.  Just drill a hole in your domino horizontally and string it like you would any other bead.  In my browsing, I found these gorgeous macrame beaded domino necklaces with instructions at Caravan Beads Blog.

domino pendant ideasI actually started the beaded macrame string, and about 2 inches into realized it was going to take way more time then I had to invest in a necklace at the present time.  It was, however,  pretty easy to pick up, and I am not familiar with macrame.  It would be a great project for a long road trip.

Now I am going to ask for your input.  What kind of necklace do you think would pair well with this piece?  I have some ideas, but I want to know yours.  If I go with your design, you may just find a domino pendant in your mailbox in the future, so don’t be shy.

Charmed Joy Butterfly Resin Pendant

Resin pendant with image

This pendant is made from decorative paper, adhesive “JOY” punch stickers, rub-ons, Magic Glos resin and some charm embellishments (a black butterfly and a couple of pearls I got from some old costume jewelry).  I have been on a resin kick as of late, making pieces for an upcoming show.  I am happy with how this one turned out.  I love how versatile scrapbooking supplies are… home decor, jewelry, all kinds of altered art, and even scrapbooks.

How to make resin pendants

Here, I traced the bezel on scrapbook paper and cut out the circle to fit.  I adhered the letters to spell joy, added some Stickles (glitter glue), then a thin layer of Magic Glos, which I cured under my UV lamp.  Then I did the orange leaves from a rub-on pack I had in my stash.  A  couple of more layers of resin with curing in between, and that was that.  Using a jump ring, I added the pearls from old costume jewelry, and the black butterfly charm I had on hand.  I paired the pendant with a black beaded strand for the finished necklace.

How to make resin pendants

How to make resin pendants

resin jewelry tutorial

Woven Paper Bead Bracelets


Magazine Page Bracelet

Need an idea for all those paper beads you have lying around?  I have loads of them from a paper bead rolling fiasco a couple of months back.  If you don’t have paper beads, here is a  how to make paper beads video I shared awhile back.  For these bracelets, I just wove the beads with black elastic cord, surrounding each paper bead with a glass E bead.  Pretty simple, and makes for a great look.  I get compliments every time I wear one of these.
Magazine Page Bracelet

How to make paper bead bracelet

How to make paper bead bracelet

How to make paper bead bracelet

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