Make a Variety of Gorgeous Paper Roses

Make gorgeous crepe paper roses with Design Improvised, featured @savedbylovecreations


Paper roses are one of my favorite things to make.  Roses in general, but especially paper ones.  Design Improvised shows you how they used a template from Martha Stewart to create these beautiful crepe paper roses.  Last year, you saw several paper roses here at SBLC.  One tutorial I ran across called for crepe paper sheets, which I couldn’t find anywhere.  My grandmother picked up a couple of packs of it that she spied while at Ben Franklin.  I had forgotten about it until seeing these from Design Improvised.  I can’t wait to try out some crepe paper roses.

Make a paper rose

This is the pattern I plan to use, which I shared with you in my Paper Rose DIY With Template.

How to make paper roses

Here is a paper rose tutorial I shared with you using .  I ended up embellishing a frame with the little beauty.

These two roses were created from a printable template by Ellinee that I showed you in my Paper Roses Another Way post.  They are so beautiful and I have them all over my house!

Here is another paper rose that I shared with you in my Coffee Filter Rose Tutorial.   There is a fantastic video from Cassie Chappell on the Martha Stewart Show.  It was not the easiest process, I won’t lie, but well worth the effort.  Not only that, but you will have roses made from coffee filters.  How cool is that?  You will be amazed if you watch the video.  Cassie’s roses are quite difficult to distinguish from real ones, and her colors are stunning.

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