DIY Coffee Filter Roses

This is one of several paper roses techniques I have tried in preparation for a friend’s June wedding centerpieces.  It was shared by crafter Cassie Chappell on the Martha Stewart Show.  You can watch the video (which flies through the process rather quickly), and read instructions here:  Coffe Filter Rose Tutorial.  It is absolutely stunning. The water color paint effect on the coffee filter creates the look of a real rose!

I got a little carried away with the tips and used acrylic wash on top of the watercolor

to get a more vibrant red.  Now I wish I hadn’t.  I think if I had just let them

dry, the difference between the tips and base would be more natural, like

Cassie’s in the video.  But still, I love them!  This is the first and only

one I made in this style.  It took awhile, and I think the bride

is going for the look of the larger petals like in this

paper rose tutorial I showed you, so it may be the last for awhile.

I stuck it in this vase with other roses I made from a different technique.

I have a certain mother with her eye on the bouquet (Hi Mom)!

Coffee Filter Roses

So, what do you think?  That video is mind blowing,

particularly after you have tried this.

I hit pause and had to rewind like every 5 seconds!

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