6 Recycled Roses: Make a Plastic Spoon Rose

Make a plastic spoon rose viat Cut Out & Keep, featured @savedbyloves


If I have learned anything about my sweet readers, it is that you love recycled crafts.  Here is a beautiful rose made from recycled plastic spoons that I spied over at Cut Out & Keep.  It is simply beautiful!   You could spray paint it your favorite color, or just leave it the color of your spoons.

Making roses from trash is super gratifying.  Remember the aluminum can rose I showed you?  There is even a video!

Aluminum Can Rose TutorialLet’s not forget the magazine page rose ring and bracelet;

Make a recycled magazine page ring

There was also the time I made a decorative rose sphere using old book pages;

Make roses from book pages

So you got a Keurig for Christmas and you don’t know what to do with all those coffee filters you no longer need.  There is a coffee filter rose project for that;

Make Coffee filter roses

What are your favorite recycled rose projects?

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