West Elm Coiled Paper Ornament Knock Off


Coiled magazine page project return!  These little things are so easy to make, and basically free.  I have shown you the larger cross wall art, and a small cross ornament.  A sweet friend who knows how into rolling paper I can be, pointed out these West Elm ornaments

WestElmOrnamentsI had just enough strips of folded magazine pages to make the tree and the star.  All I did was look at the example ornaments and place my round coils where they did.  For instructions on making strips and rolling coils, see this post.  I glued the round pieces together, then outlined them with strips, folding them to create the desired shapes, gluing them to the coils at the contact points.

Recycled Paper Crafts

Here is the tree before outlined:

Recycled Paper Crafts
Rolled magazine page artAnd the star:

Recycled Paper Crafts

Recycled newspaper crafts

Rolled magazine page art

I love how they turned out.  So cute, inexpensive and easy to make.  I am thinking a snowman next.  What do you think?

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